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  1. batsukaken


    This is Joe Mccoy's 30 sports leather jacket in 40. New without tag, worn inside home for fitting purpose. Bought in Japan couple of years back but was left unworn over the years. The closest model we have today is the Nelsons/Mobster jacket, which retails for 2000k+. Had to sell it because I...
  2. nejc_of_1930s

    WTB: 1930s-40s clothes or reproductions

    Hello everyone! I've been wearing vintage now for a while yet there are still some items missing in my wardrobe. I am based in Europe, 6'4 and i wear 38'' chest and 32'' waist (usually 38L due to my hight). So if you got the item that im after dont be shy to send me a PM with details! Im...
  3. semolina_pilchard

    For sale: Five Points Cap by The Well Dressed Head in 1930s Wool (Size 58)

    I'm selling a brand new cap that I bought from The Well Dressed Head (Keith Lo Bue). This is the Five Points cap. It's made from 1930s suiting wool with lining made of 1910s suiting liner cotton. It is a really stunning cap with excellent craftsmanship. Only selling because it is slightly...
  4. Antique Indian Motocycles

    1930s motorcycle breeches with amazing patina/grain

    If you are searching for maximum patina and grain, this is it! The ultimate stuff to totally scare your ol'lady or for dapper riding your vintage iron. Motorcycle breeches made 90 years ago. Fits like jeans waist size US 34 / 36. Cotton lining. Leather is showing a large variety of browns. In my...
  5. Darylh

    Levi’s vintage clothing LVC Menlo 1930s leather jacket XL brown

    Selling my rare limited edition Levis Vintage Clothing LVC 1930's brown Menlo Leather Jacket as worn by Daniel Craig in the James Bond film Skyfall. label size XL. Made in Italy using hand vintaged, medium weight sheepskin leather. The jacket is in very good unworn condition. It has been tried...
  6. M

    Return of the spade

    Im running a little project where I'm working to return the spade sole to modern light. Will try to post the progress here. Our idea is to focus on the high end craftmanship, that means handwelt, new modern styles and old styles from the past. Enyoj
  7. cloudylemonade

    Explaining the Aero Fit.

    We've noticed some confusion about how Aero's fit, and people questioning why they wouldn't always be the same size in each style, why a size 42" for example will vary so much depending on the style. We've put together a little guide to help with this, hopefully this will be of help to some...
  8. P

    Original WW2 Monarch of Milwaukee A2 H/H flying jacket

    I have owned this for about 10 years, having bought it in the US. Fits me at 5’10 and 44” chest. I was hoping people here could tell me more about it as it seems to be a custom jacket, with green/gold quilted satin lining and, unusually, hand warmer pockets. Guessing these were sold via...
  9. hodgeko

    Where to Buy Non-Leather Cossack of Campus Jacket?

    Hi, folks. Can anyone tell me a good source for a Cossack or Campus style jacket in maybe moleskin, canvas, etc.? Not looking for leather, and not looking to pay $400+ bucks. I just have the idea that a 30s/40s style jacket like this would look great with the vintage Stetson I just picked up. Is...
  10. VillainOfNash

    1930’s Reliable Sportswear Ltd. Barnstormer Horsehide Leather Car Coat

    Vintage 1930’s Horsehide Leather “Barnstormer” Car Coat Made by the Reliable Sportswear Ltd. company out if Toronto, Canada. Nice thick horsehide. All buttons work great. Leather’s in good condition. Lining is in decent shape overall, the right side armpit could use a little bit of restitching...
  11. P

    Does anyone recognize this 1930s/1940s leather jacket makers label?

    Recently I bought this jacket. It has a label in it. I could find nothing on the internet. The jacket is a long leather trenchcoat with a wool lining. 1930s or 1940s? Does anyone recognize the makers label?
  12. VintageEveryday

    Flat Caps?

    Looking for an off the rack hat in this style. Trying to avoid bespoke. Anybody know of any retailers?
  13. VintageEveryday

    Seeking: fedoras, 7 1/2

    Posting someplace else besides the classifieds. I'm looking for a 7 1/2 1940s fedora or a modern one (secondhand, like the Akubra Federation iv or the Stetson Stetsonian). Nobody seems to have any for sale now that I actually have money to buy one. Looking for a tall straight crown, wide brim...
  14. Constantine34

    VS Art Fawcett Custom Hat Black Cherry Dress Felt Fedora 7 5/8

    Up for sale is a Vintage Silhouette Custom Century Hat made by Art Fawcett. It is modeled after a 1930's fedora with 1920's style ribbon. Has a little bit of soiling on the inside liner, could come off with a proper cleaning. Otherwise hat is in excellent condition. This is the Century line...
  15. Apple Blossom

    Wearing vintage accessories with good taste in a reasonably authentic way?

    Hello! I'm sorry if this has been posted before, I did try searching first and didn't find what I wanted but I completely understand if this thread has to be deleted. I'd actually intended to ask for help in matching my accessories for Easter (and, I'm still on the lookout for a lovely Easter...
  16. Anthony_Eden

    Suit waistcoat fit: to eat or not to eat...

    Dear fellow members, Today I have a pretty trivial or essential question on fit: what is the proper fit of a well tailored waistcoat (part of a 3-pieces suit) in the 20-30's with beautiful waist supression? I am no newbie in this but I recently am hesitating between 2 measurements. (My suits...
  17. M

    My first jacket worthy of this lounge, just joined - AERO!

    New here. Just got my very first "custom" jacket this morning! (it was custom made for somebody else, but it's still custom! I got it used.) Aero 1930's Half Belt, size 42, (Black?) Vicenza Italian Horsehide Leather! Um . . . WOW! I'm 42 and so is my chest. It took my entire life to move...
  18. Anthony_Eden

    Waist covering with 1930's double breasted black tie?

    Dear fellow Fedora lounge members, I have a question, for which I wasn't able to find a proper sartorial answer in my beloved Apparel Arts or Esquire drawings :-) When wearing a classic double breasted dinner jacket during autumn/winter time, what is the proper waist covering? I dislike the...
  19. AMan

    FS: Vintage 1950s Half Belt Leather Jacket --Amazing Patina -- Make me an offer

    I lovingly restored this jacket before I realized I would never be thin enough to wear it well. It would fit a medium or a small. I'm a large chest with big shoulders, so I realized it would always look too small on me. I'm heartbroken about this, because this is one of the best half belts I've...
  20. VintageEveryday

    For All You Larger Sized Men..

    To any man who is a modern size 44-50L, have you had any luck finding any Golden Age sport coats or suits? They seem to be impossible to find. Largest I've seen has been a size 42S. Thoughts on the reasons?

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