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FS: Vintage 1950s Half Belt Leather Jacket --Amazing Patina -- Make me an offer


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I lovingly restored this jacket before I realized I would never be thin enough to wear it well. It would fit a medium or a small. I'm a large chest with big shoulders, so I realized it would always look too small on me. I'm heartbroken about this, because this is one of the best half belts I've ever seen.

The working Talon ring chain pull on the breast pocket dates this jacket to the 1950s. The original owner attached a fishing sinker to the zipper. I've left it on because I think it looks cool, but you can easily remove it.




Make me an offer.

Don't have many posts here, but have made two transactions with tmitchell59. (I bought that badalassi BK cossack from him, and sold it back when it didn't fit.) We can work it out via PayPal. You can also ask me for a link to my eBay store where I have 87 transactions with 100% feedback

Here's a link to some more photos. (imgur.com/gallery/gVZDd)



-- GOLD SATIN LINING: some staining. Repaired with old stock vintage shirt as detailed below. No label or label marks which leads me to believe the lining isn't original.

-- DENIM LINED ASYMMETRICAL POCKETS: The pockets are lined with denim, which seems pretty abnormal given the seventies. One patch seems to have a weakness at one corner (see photo)

-- COATS & CLARK ZIPPER: Moves smoothly. Coats & Clark zippers from this time were manufactured by the same company that made Crown zippers.

-- HALF BELT 1930s STYLE: half belt held in by interior elastics which seem to be in good shape.

Here are the measurements:

Pit-to-pit: 21"
Outside arm: 24"
Inside arm: 16.5"
Back length w/ collar: 27"
Back length w/o collar: 25"

The Restoration:

The jacket was very dry and had some cracking on one arm when I got it. I used a lot of Pecard's Antique Leather Dressing to get the leather back into its current supple state. This dressing is specially formulated for leather that dates before 1970. Next I found a shade of pigment dye which is close to the original, and used it to touch up some cracked spots. Since it is pigment dye, it won't come off.

I then used Klucel G -- a substance used to reinforce leather, originally for preserving ancient leather -- to ensure the leather would no longer continue to crack in the places where it had begun to. There was also some stretched out leather on the top shoulder which I repaired with a horsehide patch dyed to the same color as the surroundings. There was some wearing through in the satin lining which I patched with an old stock plaid shirt.

All of these repairs were made to preserve the beautiful patina as much as possible while making the jacket as wearable as possible. There are some stitches on the cuffs and on one shoulder of the lining but these were repairs by the original owner.


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Nice job restoring the jacket by the way .
What type of leather is it?

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Chicago, IL
Thanks! It was a lot of work over a couple of months. I don't know the hide. There isn't a label, and I'm not enough of an expert to guess.

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