1930s & Pear Shapes...Do They Mix?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by newtovintage, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. newtovintage

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    I recently got a sweater set that has a very mid 1930s look & it fit very nicely & I got quite a few compliments. I have always heard that 1930s & pear shapes do not mix. Is it possible that mid 1930s styles would work for large pears (I am 40-34-50), as wearing this sweater set has me looking at more 1930s patterns & sweater options.
    I would appreciate any thoughts on the subject.

  2. Idledame

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    You may not fit the "ideal" shape of some of the 30s looks, but neither did most real women. See the thread of photos of real women. I think with your shape you must look fabulous in it anyway. If you love it and it fits and you get compliments, go for it! Oh and post a photo!
  3. Miss Sis

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    With the focus of the mid 30s often being on the blouse or bodice, you can go with crazy collars, lantern, flutter or full sleeves, jabots, ties, scarves etc etc, all of which draw the eye up towards your face, so there is no reason not to wear it unless you don't think it's 'you'. Wear what you feel comfortable with - and a lovely smile! :)
  4. LisaSmuts

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    Every era had it's pear shapes, it is just about wearing what makes you feel good I'd say.
  5. St. Louis

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    I agree with everyone here, particularly Miss Sis. The trick is to find the right skirt shape. Starting in the early thirties, there are some interesting asymmetrical seam lines that would be very flattering. In the later thirties, a nice tailored or pleated skirt would look great on you. I think above all, to look right in the golden era styles, you need the right foundation. There are some excellent girdles out there now, particularly by Rago that are both flattering and comfortable and will give you a terrific 1930s shape. I've had good luck with Orchard Corset, but I think you can find Rago girdles at other online sites as well. You might also try National, which frequently has good sales and carries some very affordable shapewear.

    By the way, I don't think that the modern shapewear (like spanx and similar) will work. I think you have to go with a good old-fashioned girdle.

    Trust me -- it'll change your whole outlook! :eek:

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