30s Culottes: I'm Loving Them LOTS

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by VintageBaroness, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. skyvue

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    New York City
    Thanks, dandelion-vint. Turns out I did find popfashion's store, after all -- there's just nothing currently for sale there.
  2. crwritt

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    Falmouth ME
    These look so shoddily made. The front bodice seam is off center, the stitching on the pockets is slapdash.
    What is so "remarkable" about them?
  3. JennieWren

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    I have this pattern (from the late 40's, but I still think they are terrifically cute):
    and plan to make them as soon as I finish little girl second birthday sewing. I want to make two pairs, one in medium weight black wool lined with silk, the other in heavy black cotton with eyelet edging around the lower hem.
  4. Miss Sis

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    That they are deadstock originals from the 1930s, so they are rare, however shoddily made they are!
  5. Alice Blue

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    Bumping this thread to add a pattern from the 1940s. A Swiss blogger has a nice writeup today on her adventures with a 1942 culottes pattern. Given the year, and the fact that the original pattern is for cycling in cold weather, I can't help thinking that a lot of people were cycling because of fuel shortages then. Here is the post: http://www.blogz.ch/ette/2013/08/04/sans-culotte-anymore/

    The beginning of the post rambles a bit, but keep going and you'll see the original pattern pages from a magazine (in German) and a very cute result.

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  6. Lauren

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    Sunny California
    Very cute!
  7. Miss Sis

    Miss Sis One Too Many

    I have a 1940s British pattern that is for culottes and a 'battledress' style jacket. The illustration shows a lady with a bicycle and reminds dressmakers they must comply with Utility regulations!

    (sorry, not able to post a pic of it at the moment, but I will try when I can)

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