A Paradigm Paradox

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Phil, May 26, 2009.

  1. Phil

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    Iowa State University

    It's good to be back on the FL. Seems my bar stool got cold.
    So, recently...as in since a little over a year ago I left the proper, jazz filled Fedora Lounge for the relaxed, exotica sounds of Tiki Central. Trading in a martini for a mai-tai, shirt and tie for an aloha shirt, sitting and contemplating for standing and carving. A fur felt fedora for a panama hat.

    And it's in returning that I realize, it's an interesting two or three worlds I exist between. The formality of the 30's and 40's as well as the pacific culture, which I am a part of, as well as the popularity of it in the relaxed 50's, and of course the 90's and...aughts?. What do you even refer to 2000, 01,02 etc... as?

    Anyway, it's an interesting fusion that makes an interesting style of my own.

    Anyone else have that going on?
  2. HarpPlayerGene

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    North Central Florida
    Sure, I can relate to some of that.

    During the cool months (which in Florida usually equals about 5 days per year), I enjoy long sleeves, fur felt hats, braces, waist coats, lace up dress shoes and dress jackets. Quite often, however, I join these elements up with contemporary blue jeans. This year, we had cool weather from mid-October well into April. I was loving it and got to wear all of my jackets/coats.

    During the warm/HOT months, I enjoy switching over to straw hats (reserving some lighter felts for the rainy days), aloha shirts, linens, loafers and deck shoes.

    Then there are times when I just feel western and grab the boots, belts and brims that go with that look.

    Most of my hats are vintage but some aren't and they get wear too.

    I've even got a lot of T-shirts I enjoy wearing when conditions for working around the house, etc. call for 'em.

    I'm all over the road. Not a slave to any particular period or style. There's just some loose sense of seasonal rhythm to how I rotate through the different get-ups.

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