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Aces High multi panel flying jacket.


New in Town
Good evening all.

Newbie dipping his toes in the TFL pond for the first time.

I had a Multi Panel flying jacket made by Aces High a few years ago. Lovely piece of repro work. Took a while to be completed, but I was thrilled with the end result.
Being a motorcyclist, I asked for a slightly longer back on the jacket, as well as longer sleeves (stretching and leaning forward rides the back up, and sleeves back). Duly provided.
Regrettably I never used it, as it doesn’t suit the type of motorcycles I now own; and to be fair, sheepskin is not the most abrasion resistant material for when/if tarmac surfing.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m around 3 stone (20kg) lighter, so my lovely jacket is still nestling in its pillowcase under the bed. It comes out occasionally for a dose of Peccards, I put it on, and realise I need to go on a crash diet of pizza and other delights in order for it to fit again. But that’s unlikely to happen.

So, is there still a market for these jackets, as I’m pretty sure Jon (I think) no longer makes them?

If so, can you suggest a rough price guide on this?

I’m 6’2” and was around 15 1/2stone when the jacket was made.
I’d prefer to avoid fleabay and the like, as there are too many luddites, scammers and shysters up to no good.

I was recommended to try The Fedora Lounge as you guys (and ladies) are apparently far more discerning.

Any suggestions on how to go ahead would be greatly appreciated.

Proper dimensions and pics available when the sun rises and sheds a better light.

The jacket has 0021 on the label, as well as 46, which I assume is the size.



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London, UK
There's certainly still a market for these.... I'm sure some folks here will be best placed to give you a better idea on price. Via the likes of eBay you'll suffer a little for the name not being as well known as Aero or ELC, though in a collectors' circle as perf this sort of place that won't be so much an issue.

How much of a size difference are you now? Ask as I lean to the view that an Irvin really looks best worn a size 'big'...


New in Town
Thanks for the tips.

The Aces does wear big that’s for sure.
It might settle down with wear, as it’s very rarely been worn for any more than half an hour at a time.

I have an immaculate ‘43 pattern Warings in a large size which both fits and feels really good. The Aces dwarfs it. However, with the Warings I’d only be able to wear a tee shirt underneath, whereas I can comfortably wear a tee shirt, sweatshirt and pair of Dickies overalls under the Aces and still not feel restricted. Hot? Yes!!


Familiar Face
@Rireland - You should post about this jacket at VLJ, Vintage leather Jackets forum. Many will be familiar with Aces High jackets there.


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