Aero Black FQHH Elvis MC Jacket

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by JCSD, Mar 26, 2020 at 8:27 PM.

  1. JCSD

    JCSD Familiar Face

    Ordered this from the Aero Sales Page and just had it delivered. Less than optimal fit so it’s a catch and release.

    Tried on once only and tags still attached.


    Tagged size 38 but please see actual pics.

    Pit to pit 22”
    Sleeve 25”
    Shoulder 18.25”
    Back 23.25”

    Awesome jacket and will last a lifetime as we all know.

    Price is $700 including shipping in CONUS. Payment by Paypal Friends/Family.

    7C8B9333-C5B5-47E3-A6ED-C998BBF4326A.jpeg C82E4957-4050-43EA-8441-78FB1994B310.jpeg F23823A7-6F7F-47FF-A715-7EA90393998A.jpeg 1D7E3E5B-BEC9-4D65-8561-D3AB2EB33AD6.jpeg 45E0444D-42B1-4237-BD5A-636EB9D2FE32.jpeg 65B886FD-0177-4582-8161-1439E42F7F63.jpeg BDB2DFE3-C916-46E8-94BD-42A6E76B2602.jpeg A56FCA68-C4E4-4B8C-A2AF-3C7E7EF21212.jpeg
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  2. Kuro

    Kuro A-List Customer

    I would say yes if I could! GLWS!
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  3. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 Call Me a Cab

    Neat pattern & style there. Too small for me but GLWS!
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  4. tobler

    tobler New in Town

    I recently had a purchase with JCSD, it was an very pleasant experience. Everyone can trust him as he shipped and quickly. Good luck JCSD with your sale.
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