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    This jacket was bought from @Stitched in March 2020. I am on the North side of the border hence got it shipped to my brother's place in Seattle, to avoid the notorious custom fees and delays at Canada Customs. Before I could make it, borders were closed due to Covid -19, & thats how it has been since. Jacket has not even been tried once

    I have recently bought a size 38 Sheene from Thurston Bros and have come to realize that Size 36 will be too small for me(Size 38 is a already snug), hence looking to let go of this one without trying and park funds for a future custom purchase

    This is Aero Trainee Label, but it looks like the trainee did a fine job.
    I am using pictures sent by the seller, and measurements listed on Aero website. Also attaching link to the original classified posting. Offering the same price i.e. US$ 399 shipped to continental US, paypal FnF

    Measurements from Aero’s site:
    Pit to Pit-21”

    I will be putting up the jacket on ebay as well, but would really prefer to sell it on the lounge. Thanks for your time :)

    CR 2.jpeg
    CR 3.jpeg
    CR 4.png
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    trainspotter One of the Regulars

  3. trainspotter

    trainspotter One of the Regulars


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