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  1. TartuWolf

    FS : Aero Dustbowl - Size 36 - CXL FQHH Brown

    Location : Estonia Bought used from DE. Worn a couple of times inside, one time outside for an hour. Too big for me even when layered. Sleeves too roomy, pit-to-pit and upper back too roomy, a bit too long in body length. Main specs: Pit-to-pit width: 53-54 cm Bottom hem width: 47-48 cm...
  2. TartuWolf

    Aero Dustbowl - CXL FQHH Brown - Fit / Impressions / Thoughts

    Greetings! Background On a cold snowy day in Estonia my first Aero jacket arrived. I've been planning (and continue to do so) to buy my first custom "proper" jacket, mainly considering Simmons Bilt and Aero, since I like that kind of style / patterns / leather choices. Recently I managed to...
  3. mrfoxhunter

    New Aero Premier Highwayman FQHH

    Hi Fedora Lounge, I registered on the forum back in 2013, January 2013 to be exact. How time flies. This is my first post here but hardly my first time on the forums. As they say "first time poster, long time lurker". That does sound creepy to me. Around 2006 I started getting into leather and...
  4. J

    Aero leather Premier Half Belt Jacket Size 38 Black FQHH

    For sale is an Aero leather Premier Half Belt Jacket. This jacket comes in Black FQHH and is a size 38. I’ve owned this jacket for a year and it’s in great condition. Please see pictures. Measurements are as follows: *looking for $800 OBO Front length: 25 inches Chest: 21 inches Sleeves...
  5. J

    Aero leather Premier Sea Biscuit Jacket Size 38 Brown FQHH

    For sale is an Aero leather Premier Sea Biscuit Jacket. This jacket comes in Brown FQHH and is a size 38. I’ve owned this jacket for a year and a half and it’s in great condition. Please see pictures. *I am looking for $800 OBO Measurements are as follows: Front length: 24.5 inches Chest...
  6. Jsparks49

    Aero leather horsehide teamster

    I’m redoing this post due to a misleading size on the sleeve length. I’m selling this wonderful teamster for roughly what I paid for it. Excellent fqhh (front quarter horsehide) Aeros excel lent Black that gives way to the brown underneath. Nice corduroy hand warmers, placket and wrist...
  7. Jsparks49

    Aero teamster size 40 black brown

    I’ve wanted this jacket to fit me so long but alas I think it’s time to concede (novel) I’m selling this wonderful teamster for roughly what I paid for it. Excellent fqhh (front quarter horsehide) Aeros excel lent Black that gives way to the brown underneath. Nice corduroy hand warmers, placket...
  8. T

    Schott Perfecto P653 Horween Chromexcel Steerhide S

    Hello folks, this one was bought by my wife in the hope that Men's size S may fit her, and it did to some extent, but she hasn't really been wearing it, may have been worn less than 5 times outside the house This is the now discontinued Schott Perfecto P653 in Horween CXL Steerhide burgundy...
  9. T

    Alexander Leathers Montana 40 CXL Steerhide $475

    Catch & release, just received this one, a bit too heavy for my liking This is Alexander Leathers Montana in size 40, very similar(or rather exactly same) pattern as Aero Barnstormer, in heavy CXL Steer. Great condition, soft buttery steerhide. Wool Tartan lining, one interior pocket, belt...
  10. T

    Aero Cafe Racer CXFQHH 36

    This jacket was bought from @Stitched in March 2020. I am on the North side of the border hence got it shipped to my brother's place in Seattle, to avoid the notorious custom fees and delays at Canada Customs. Before I could make it, borders were closed due to Covid -19, & thats how it has been...
  11. D

    Aero STF Bootlegger (42-New) & Aero Sheene (40-Used)

    Hi there, New member and first-time "poster" here but somewhat of a long-time lurker to TFL. I'd like to offer these here before posting up eBay to try and be a bit more of a productive member here as I'm not typically the type to post on internet forums. I have two items for sale, both...
  12. E

    Fit check Aero Premier Highwayman

    Aero Premier Highwayman in black CXL fqhh with zipped sleeves. Brass hardware. Bought from the Aero's sale section in order to mainly use as a "fit jacket". How would you improve the fit? I am thinking of adding an inch or so to the sleeves and - maybe - pulling in the waist section a bit. I am...
  13. AlexB

    My grail jacket!? Aero Premier Highwayman tumbled brown FQHH

    The title says it all. Aero jacket #3 has just made it home and I’m more than satisfied with its outcome. For the first time I went through the highly recommended Thurston Bros fitting process (See discussion related to the fit jacket here) and included learnings from my other two jackets...
  14. AlexB

    Aero Perfection - my new Cordovan FQHH Ridley

    Hi everybody, after 48 Emails back and forth with Carrie (Thanks for her patience) I received my second Aero jacket yesterday after only 40 days of waiting. We started the process based on my 46 BR, which served as fit-jacket as the Ridley pattern is quite similar to the BR according to Carrie...
  15. AlexB

    Four month review - Aero Board Racer black FQHH or leather jacket romance

    Hi everybody, I used the days off, between Christmas and New Years to jot down some impressions and experiences with my Aero Board Racer that I ordered beginning of August via Gasoline Alley in Munich. I know that there are many threads addressing the J100 styled jackets around here, but...
  16. M

    Aero Cafe Racer Black Tumbled FQHH Size 42

    Aero 4-pocket Cafe Racer, size 42 Tumbled black FQHH Minto check lining One inside pocket Antique brass zips Bought new in November 2016, worn on-and-off since then Pit to pit 24" Arm 26.5" Back 26" Shoulder 18" Asking £400 shipped in UK
  17. A

    For Sale: Aero Premier Range 1920s Work Coat Size 40 Chromexcel FQHH Brown Leather Jacket

    https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Aero-Premier-Range-1920s-Work-Coat-Size-40-Chromexcel-FQHH-Brown-Leather-Jacket/192704342056 For sale, on the bay, a stunning less than one year old Aero Premier Range 1920s Work Coat in brown Chromexcel FQHH. This leather jacket was bought directly from Aero Leather...
  18. VestCoast

    Aero Sheene- Fit Advice and Creative Guidance

    Hi everyone, I am new to the Fedora Lounge but have been combing through threads for a couple of months now and have finally decided to surface. A little bit about me— I just graduated from college in New England and am now employed in Austin Texas as a geologist. I have a longstanding...
  19. Vezio

    Aero Premier Half Belt Review

    Hi, I am for a short time affiliate in Fedora Lounge. Last year I bought a "Aero Leather Premier Half Belt" jacket, that I will review. Everything I will write is only a set of subjective considerations, respect to my personal experience. I liked the Premier Half Belt because it's a pretty short...
  20. E

    Aero Café Racer Fit

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to get your thoughts on the fit for my Aero Café Racer in Cordovan FQHH with antique brass hardware. I have a few reservations, but I wanted to get the collective’s opinion before I sent it back and so I can have the appropriate adjustments made.

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