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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by JacketFit08, Dec 26, 2020.

  1. El Marro

    El Marro Call Me a Cab

    Man it looks alright to me (looks great actually) but I know that what really counts is how you feel when you’re wearing it.
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  2. JacketFit08

    JacketFit08 New in Town

    This is stellar jacket. I love the shine and thickness of that leather! I need this with warmth.
  3. JacketFit08

    JacketFit08 New in Town

    I’m a 38” chest so pretty slim. But could do a 40. Got some pics?
  4. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Shearling linings are an option. However as others have indicated, I find no joy in wearing a leather jacket under around 25F/-5 C so wool, Down, or Carhartt's are my choices then. Most of my Aero's were CXL Horse or Steer and get Very stiff in the cold. If anything, if I needed the wind protection, I would wear a leather under my larger wool coat which would keep the stiff CXL leather warmer and softer, while keeping the wind out. Just my $.02
  5. Claybertrand

    Claybertrand A-List Customer

    Sorry man. Mine is a size 44---this would be way too big for you I'm afraid and that's before the "Aero sizing factor" and the shearling lining which requires a little bigger jacket body to accommodate.
  6. willyto

    willyto One Too Many

    If its for cold weather I think that a 3/4 leather coat is the way to go personally. Although the Shearling jackets are the warmest they are short and I really find it strange when people go with Shearling but then wear thin trousers/denim and get their legs and feet cold!

    What temperatures are we talking about?
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  7. Cornelius

    Cornelius Practically Family

    Great Lakes
    Again, the answer here is dependent upon exactly what kind of winter climate to which you are subject most often - are we talking 30-45°F / -1-7°C or 15-30°F / -9 - -1°C?

    I'll assume the latter for now, as that is the general winter temperature range for which I have to be prepared myself.

    Given that, what does the audience say to an Aero Long Half Belt, in goat hide with a shearling lining in the body, melton wool in the sleeves*, storm cuffs, and a mouton collar that can be turned up & fastened closed? No fussing with a belt, handwarmers, a chest pocket for your phone, and cargo pockets to stash your hat & gloves when indoors.

    The goat hide would be lighter weight than horse or steer while still resistant to water & abrasion, and not have the problem of stiffening in the cold like CXL. Goat is not on Aero's drop down options menu for this model, but surely that would be possible?
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  8. Goel

    Goel One of the Regulars

    Goat with shearling sounds the best, only thing I'd add would be quilted lining in the arms. Warm and easy to slip on. I have a similar jacket in cowhide (if I did it again I would do goat) and it's easily warmer than any of my wool jackets.
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  9. Worf

    Worf I'll Lock Up

    Troy, New York, USA
    For my money unless you go Army Air Corps or R.A.F the Thunder Bay can't be beat. Leather, shearling, killer style you name it. Only downside is eventually you'll have to get a heavier zipper put in it like I did at Johnson Leather. Perhaps Aero is more accommodating now but I don't.

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  10. Cyber Lip

    Cyber Lip Practically Family

    Besides the warm lining the best thing to do is size up for layering. I've got a couple nice jackets with warm linings that look great on me but that I can't layer under or wear anything heavier than a t-shirt lol. So they're perfect for the very specific situation of wearing on a cold day where I'm driving around in my car (not walking around for extended periods out in the cold), and not going anywhere indoors where it's too warm inside to wear the coat, but too cool to only be wearing a t-shirt. These particular jackets aren't very practical because they only work in this very specific situation. I would have sold them on, but man, they look too good on me!
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