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Aero Leather - Colour help needed


New in Town
Dear Aero Leather enthusiasts

i´m planning to order a custom Sheene or Board Racer. I´m pretty sure to go for a high class leather in brown. But what leather, what brown.

I want to have something new and with a colour shade, i do not have right now. Currently i´m owning 2 A-2 in Vicenza Russet and Dark Seal, a Cafe Racer in CXFQHH Cordovan, a 1930´s HalfBelt in CXFQHH Cherry and a Dustbowl in CXFQHH Brown

So my original plan was to use Badalassi Steerhide, either in Tobacco or Chestnut. Which one is more close to the brown tones is currently have. I´m a big fan of Tobacco, but i fear it´s to close to Russet. But same with Chestnut, which might be to close to Dark Seal.

Any ideas? Is somebody having those colours and can compare them?

Canuck Panda

I'll Lock Up
The Badalassi Chestnut I have is similar to dark seal. The Tobacco is a bit different than the Vicenza Russet, it's a bit darker and a lot richer in color, has a reddish tint undertone. Either of these Badalassi leather would be a good choice.

Or Natural FQHH. It starts kind of meh looking but has the most potential for patina growth.

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