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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by high-maintenance, Jun 18, 2021.

  1. high-maintenance

    high-maintenance One of the Regulars

    Hi guys

    Do any of you have hands on experience on Long Hercules? (not the original hercules)
    I have
    44 inch chest (45 when inhaled)
    20 inch shoulder
    and 38 inch waist (40 when inflated)

    I usually take 24-24.5 in p2p.

    I have a size 44 aero cafe racer, which is a little tight around the waist.

    I am thinking size 42 would be my size but wanted to make sure before pulling the trigger.

    PS. According to the sale page on Aero
    A size 44 Hercules has the followijg measurements.

    Pit to Pit: 25.25"

    Sleeve: 25.25"

    Back: 29.5"

    Shoulder: 20.25

    Shoulder looks okay but P2P is too wide I think?

    Thank you in advance
  2. TooManyHatsOnlyOneHead

    TooManyHatsOnlyOneHead One Too Many

    I don't have this jacket, but generally speaking about 2 inches on chest (total measurement, not ptp) gives you a pretty snug fit, like tshirt only kind of thing. 3 inches is a little relaxed. 4 inches is good for layering.

    This would be 6 inches plus (25.25 x 2 and you are 44 chest). So it will be VERY baggy.

    A lot of people on here don't put a lot of stock into the shoulder measurement. I agree to some extent. I can wear 17.5 to 19.5 range. It's more about a visual of how it looks on you, the design of the jacket, the droop, etc. It does affect sleeve measurement however and you have to consider action back, gussets, etc. And to some degree, the smaller you go, it is going to restrict you some from a comfort, range of motion pov.

    So if you usually get a 20 inch shoulder jacket, I bet you can probably wear a 19-19.5 no problem. And if that allows you to size down to address the ptp (not sure how the waist, back, sleeve gets affected though), I wouldn't worry about that and go for the smaller size even though on paper the shoulder might be little smaller than what you usually do.
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  3. high-maintenance

    high-maintenance One of the Regulars

    Thank you for sharing your insight. I too think sizing down to 42 would fit better. Thank you!
  4. jacketjunkie

    jacketjunkie One Too Many

    The pattern is similar to that of the Long Halfbelt and the Teamster, it‘s the same pattern block. A size 40 has 23.5-24“ ptp in all three of these. They are not very tapered so you should not size up to account for your waist as you may have to in say a CR. If you have a 44“ chest, you can probably fit into a 40 (you will have 4“ of ease of movement which is trim but not sausage-tight). These run two sizes large rather than one.
  5. high-maintenance

    high-maintenance One of the Regulars

    Thank you for the reply. Now I can finally place an order!
  6. Canuck Panda

    Canuck Panda A-List Customer

    Ask for neck hole measurements on the size you want to order. They tend to run small, at least for me.

    Your measurements is one clothing size bigger than me. I have both size 40 and size 38 Northeaster jackets which is the same pattern block but with belt. I can't wear anything other than a dress shirt under the 38. I sized down and regret that decision.

    Check the picture for the measurements.

    You might actually need a 44 if you want to wear anything more than a shirt for winter use. The side cinches can tighten and these 50's pattern block have an aggressive taper anyways. They are designed to be roomier on top. If you wanted slimmer fit look for 30's block pattern designs.

    Database Long Jackets.jpg
  7. high-maintenance

    high-maintenance One of the Regulars

    Now I am back to confused. haha
    And thank you for the detailed specs. You nailed the fit.
  8. Canuck Panda

    Canuck Panda A-List Customer

    I was confused too! I think Aero’s 50’s pattern size 40 and 42 are the same size. So size 38 (P2P 22”) jumps to 42 (P2P 24”) and size 40 just ends up sharing pattern with 42.
    It would help if members with size 42 or 44 can chime in with their jacket measurements.
    This size 42 long half belt on the sale page has basically the same measurements as my size 40s.
    You got 44” chest to 45” which is one full size up from me, that’s why I suggest 44. Because I just assume 42 is same size as my 40. And neck holes are tight.

    Best to send Aero an email to confirm size before ordering!

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