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How to Find the right size Aero Half Belt 1930s


Familiar Face

I'm currently working on my weight to get rid of the excess weight on my stomach and hips. I purchased an Aero Half Belt 1930s in natural FQHH just before the Covid years. I love this color and you can literally see the color change, which has now mutated from a light sand tone to a medium brown.

Unfortunately, the jacket has become too tight around the hips and I can no longer close it comfortably. I like the HB 1930 model, but I'm unsure which size to choose?

My body measurements wearing a medium weight linen fabric button shirt and classic jeans:
Age 50+ / 5'11 (180cm) / 185 lbs (84kg)

P2P: 20.5 (Chest 41")
Shoulder: 19.7
Bottom hem: 20.5

My current HB 1930 jacket:
P2P: 22.25
Shoulder: 17.5
Bottom hem: 19.5

X.jpeg Y.jpeg

It's easy to see that the jacket is too tight at the waist and hips, really tight. I could also use a little more room in the shoulders and chest area. I don’t have to think about layering with this jacket...

Many people prefer a tight-fitting jacket, but I find it uncomfortable in everyday life with the stiff FQHH. Now I'm wondering if Aero has a better everyday model (I don't want extra lengths like Teamsters or similar)?

I would prefer the HB 1930, but could at least wear a shirt or a very light sweater underneath without every breath becoming strenuous. ;)

Which measurements could be a good starting point?
Pit-2-Pit / Shoulders / Waist?

I also think that the choice of leather is also important how does the jacket feel (ie my Schott Delivery 246 made of lambskin just hugs my body, yes it's almost too big for me in size L). I like dark colors more, especially CLX Steerhide in brown, black or cordovan.

I'm an impatient person and prefer "off-the-rack" instead of "custom-made" jackets.

Thank you for your recommendations (please excuse my English)
Roman from Switzerland


I'll Lock Up
I would go visit Aero in person TBH....

Granted it would likely be a flight or a few train ride, but much easier and then you are assured it's correct from the get-go.


Familiar Face
Aero’s website says that a place called DeeCee Styles in Zurich stocks Aero. Why not go there and try different sizes?

Thanks for the information, but I already know this shop.
Unfortunately, the selection of Aero jackets in my possible sizes is very limited: Teamster, Highwayman... that's all.
No "Half Belt" to try.

To my knowledge, the label sizes of each Aero jacket vary greatly in the final measurements. I think it's because of leather that you can never cut and sew as precisely as with other fabrics. That's why my focus is on jacket measurements rather than label sizes and why I prefer to rely on the insiders here in the forum.

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