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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Spatterdash, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. I’ve ordered from Hats by the Hundred three times: two failures and one success. My Kentucky Rancher arrived perfectly, but my other two were distorted from being forced into a boxes that were too small for them. They also arrived in shipping boxes rather than hat boxes inside shipping boxes.

    I’d insist that they pay for the return shipping for the poor packaging. As for fit, I can see that not every company can tell you how it’s going to fit (a large size X or a small size X). I’ve heard of The Hattery (Hats Direct) and David Morgan doing that, but those are the exceptions rather than the rule.

    If I can avoid it I’m not planning on buying from them again. I did it with the Kentucky Rancher because no one else had it and I think it’s being discontinued.
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    I want to treat myself to a new hat being I am back to work. Wanted a Campdraft in Fawn. I have lighter hats and they always get grubby so I wanted a darker colour then silverberry. But it looks like it’s sold out most places. Looks like I will have to wait or choose something else. I only ordered from HatsDirect and Everythingaustrslian. Are there any other vendors to look at that ships to Canada? Looks like it’s missing from the Akubra webpage. I assume that means it’s a vendor specific item now.... I hope.
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    Have you tried Strand Hatters? I’m in the process of receiving an Akubra Bowler for them.
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  4. David Morgan says that they’ll be carrying the Campdraft, but nothing there yet. I asked when they expected them in and they told me they were supposed to arrive three months ago.
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    Good to jazz up my campdraft. Now just to find a feather and get a nice western hat band!

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