Am I doomed to no hat?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Brinybay, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. tandmark

    tandmark One of the Regulars


    I dunno, Brinybay, I think that you've got the looks to carry off a Real Hat any time you give yourself a break and just try it.

    Lotsa ways to do this, you know. Here's three:

    1) You could return to Byrnie Utz & ask for some advice. Or David Morgan in Bothell, if you think an Akubra would do ya. Either place would most likely lead you to get a hat in the $80 - $120 range. That's what a Real Hat (brimmed, made of fur felt) tends to cost, new.

    2) You could see if Burlington Coat Factory (in Auburn, Edmonds, and, I think, Tacoma) has something you fancy -- in which case it'd only cost you $20 or so. You can ease into things that way.

    3) You could try a Pendleton wool-felt fedora, available at the Pendleton outlet on 4th Ave in Seattle, as well as at sporting goods stores or outdoor outfitters, most likely. That might run you $40ish. Like finding a hat at BCF, getting a Pendleton is a training-wheels kind of deal for a first hat owner. It's less of a crap shoot than BCF too; you might get skunked at Burlington's if the manager hasn't bothered to stock any hats for a while.

    But first and foremost, give yourself a break, like I said already. You almost certainly won't look like a dork, unless you get a multi-colored beanie with a spinning propellor on top.

    I'm betting that, once you've had a few days to get used to your new look, you'll find yourself walking a little taller. You might get a little good-natured ribbing at first, as the first person in your circle who dares to wear a Real Hat, but you're *much* more likely to get compliments.

  2. happyfilmluvguy

    happyfilmluvguy Call Me a Cab

    Brinybay, looking at the shape of your head and face, I can tell you would look great with a wider brim.

    With one of my hats. High crown, wide brim. This is just a digital mock up but I think it has possibilities. [​IMG]

    What do you think?
  3. Brinybay

    Brinybay Practically Family

    Seattle, Wa
    I actually saw one of those at "Old Duffers" in Pike Place Market! It was just missing the propellor!
  4. KY Gentleman

    KY Gentleman One Too Many

    South Carolina
    Hey man, the whole vibe of this place is kind of "if you like it, its okay".
    If you want to wear a hat because you like it that ought to be enough.
    Lifes too short to worry about what other people think. Relax a little and have some fun!
  5. HarpPlayerGene

    HarpPlayerGene I'll Lock Up

    North Central Florida
    I know what you mean

    The newsboys I've tried don't work for me - in my own opinion. I think they work better above a fuller face than mine. But it's interesting that we fellas do sometimes have self-conscious misconceptions about what looks good on us. That's where women come in! I've noticed that when I take a chance sometimes on a lid I'm not sure about, like a western hat, I actually start gettin' the eye or a compliment here and there from the fairer sex and realize that I'm just stoopid and don't know what works best. But they do...
  6. ScottyBlues

    ScottyBlues Familiar Face

    Chapel Hill, NC
    Brinybay, you've got classic features that will look great with a Fedora. Unless you're piloting an airplane or wearing headphones, leave the baseball cap at home. Even a nice flat cap would look more sophisticated.

    When I hear people say that they think they like a dork when they wear a hat, they probably look like a dork without a hat too.

    Pick up a nice medium brim Fedora, about 2 to 2 1/2 inches. Don't go too wide initially since that is a more dramatic look. Keep the crown a little lower since you aren't used to seeing yourself in a hat. You'll find that this is a great look on you.
  7. Donato

    Donato One of the Regulars

    Branford, Connecticut
    "When I hear people say that they think they like a dork when they wear a hat, they probably look like a dork without a hat too."

    Wikipedia - the free dictionary: "Dork is a term used to describe someone who has unusual interests... A dork can also refer to someone who acts on his own motives without caring about his peers' opinions..."

    Based on Wikipedia's definition, almost everyone on the Lounge can be described as a "dork," i.e., we have some "unusual interests" - vintage hats, clothes, etc. and on this thread many have advised Brinybay to wear a fedora without worrying about what other people think! So Brinybay, you have an "unusual interest" - you like fedoras; don't worry about what others' opinions. Be a dork and be a happy dork!:fedora: :eek: :D
  8. Mike in Seattle

    Mike in Seattle My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Renton (Seattle), WA
    And take anything you read on Wikipedia with a grain of salt...anyone came go on and post anything that they like, true or false, fact or not. According to it, a music teacher I know once carryied on a torrid affair with's like saying a story must be true because you read it in the Star or National Enquirer.
  9. Brinybay

    Brinybay Practically Family

    Seattle, Wa
    Not bad at all! I like it! It's even green (or it looks green on my pc) like that "how to choose a hat" website suggested (because of my grey).

    But I wonder if the suit makes a difference. I rarely wear them. In fact that pic was the last time I wore one, sadly to my Dad's funeral. Normally I wear the leather jacket on like in the other picture, except in summer when it gets too warm for it. I'm thinking it doesn't.
  10. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Small Town Ohio, USA
    Your face can wear a hat easily!
    hard part is getting past seeing yourself in the mirror looking like someone else, the same as it would be if you grew a full Santa Claus beard overnight. Your first reaction would be What The Hell Is That?
  11. Brinybay

    Brinybay Practically Family

    Seattle, Wa
    Ok, I promise not to use the word "dork" anymore. Some good news - I got positive feedback from a lady friend whose opinions I trust:

    From: Robin
    To: Greg
    Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 12:16 PM
    Subject: Re: What do you think?

    Very nice, I think it looks better than a golfing hat or a BB hat.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Greg
    To: Robin
    Sent: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 12:05 pm
    Subject: What do you think?

    I'm considering going stylish. Somebody made a mock up of me in a Fedora:

  12. indycop

    indycop I'll Lock Up

    Jacksonville, Florida
    Nothing wrong with that look.:D
  13. Kreyzhorse

    Kreyzhorse New in Town

    I started wearing Akubras and a Tilley this past year. Usually I wear them outdoors while hiking, hunting or fishing. At first, even in those activites I felt odd wearing a brimmed hat. I loved how they looked, and I love the protection they offer, but still felt ackward. With that said, the more I wore them, the more comfortable I felt. The more comfortable I felt, the more I wore them. The more I wore them, the more I added to my collection. At this point, I've even added a couple of flat caps to ward off the cold weather.

    As a BB cap wearer, I can admit that it takes a while to get used to any thing other than a BB cap on your head. Find one you like, put it on in your home, and get used to the look. Compare your look to the pictures posted on this site. You'll soon find that you look just as good in your hat as do the fine gentleman posting on this site.
  14. Tango Yankee

    Tango Yankee Call Me a Cab

    Lucasville, OH
    Don't worry about needing to wear a suit with a hat. You'll find that although many of us post photos of ourselves in suits or sportcoats and ties and the like, you'll also find photos of guys in very casual clothes sporting fedoras as well. For instance, today I wore a Gus Miller fedora with a Carhartt coat, flannel shirt and old jeans on a run to the hardware store.

    I think you'll find photos of guys wearing T-shirts and fedoras as well.

    Granted, some fedoras go better with a more formal look, but still it's all up to you. As long as you feel good in the hat, you'll look good in the hat!


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