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Are there any universally liked actors/actresses?


Practically Family
I thought this would be a good alternative to the "Which actor annoys you the most?" thread, and interesting to boot. It may seem silly, as of course it's obvious that somewhere, someone will dislike an actor. This is more to see if there are any actors/actresses generally regarded as quality in both their work and life outside Hollywood. For example, I don't think I've ever heard anyone having dislike towards Jimmy Stewart. Also Janet Gaynor, but that may be because she's sadly faded into obscurity for most.:( Are there any others anyone can think of that is liked by the general populace?


Practically Family
Marc Chevalier said:
Robert Duvall?

Anthony Hopkins?

Meryl Streep?

Dustin Hoffman?

Greta Garbo?

Douglas Fairbanks?

I would agree with most of those, and I was going to include Garbo in my original. I have never heard negative about her except from a silly drama queen on another forum who was intent on posting negative comments about anyone who disagreed with the actors she liked.:rolleyes:
Greta's one of my favorites for sure. :)

Joie DeVive

One Too Many
When I read the title of this thread, the first thing I thought was "Jimmy Stewart"...
Well, you beat me to that one.

How about:
Maureen O'Hara?
Deborah Karr?
Julie Andrews?
Natalie Wood?

And sorry Marc, gotta disagree on Dustin Hoffman. :(

Nathan Dodge

One Too Many
Near Miami
Marc Chevalier said:
Thought the Duke was pretty awful in some of his '30s films. Victim of miscasting? Maybe, since John Wayne could only play the same character in every movie: John Wayne.


John Wayne All Time Top Money-Making Star

GROTON, Mass., Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Using data from 72 years of Quigley Publishing Company's annual Top Ten Money-Making Star Poll of motion picture exhibitors, John Wayne has been named the Top Money-Maker of All Time. The Quigley Poll, conducted every year since 1932, is an annual survey of motion picture exhibitors, which asks them to vote for the ten stars that generated the most box-office revenue in the preceding year for their theatres. Long regarded as one of the most reliable indicators of a Star's box-office draw, the Quigley Poll has been cited in hundreds of publications and appears annually in Quigley Publishing Company's International Motion Picture Almanac and on our site; http://www.quigleypublishing.com. During this motion picture awards season, it is interesting to see who theatre owners and operators believe really have meant something at their box-office. During his 50-year career John Wayne appeared in over 150 films, including classics such as, The Quiet Man, The Searchers and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, but only won one Academy Award for True Grit.

To come up with a weighted score, an actor received 10 points for a first place finish, nine for a second place finish, etc. The total score was determined by adding up the weighted scores from each year that the actor was voted on the list. John Wayne's appearance 25 times in the poll from 1949 to 1974 yielded 172 points versus 165 points for second place Clint Eastwood, who has been on the list 21 times. Tom Cruise placed third with 133.5 points combining six first place finishes with 16 appearances on the QP poll.

The rest of the Quigley Top Ten All-Time Money Makers are Bing Crosby #4, Gary Cooper #5, Clark Gable #6 and Burt Reynolds #7. Tom Hanks, who was recently voted the Top Ten Money-Making Star of 2004, tied with Bob Hope for #8 and Paul Newman was #10.

Of the current active stars, it appears that only Clint Eastwood and Tom Cruise have a reasonable chance of overtaking John Wayne in the future.

Perhaps reflecting shorter careers in Hollywood than men, no women made it into the Top Ten but Doris Day #11, Julia Roberts #13, Betty Grable #15, Elizabeth Taylor #23 and Shirley Temple #25 were in the Top Twenty Five.

The complete list is:

QP All Time Weighted
Position Top Ten Stars Score
1 John Wayne 172
2 Clint Eastwood 165
3 Tom Cruise 133.5
4 Bing Crosby 111
5 Gary Cooper 106.5
6 Clark Gable 95
7 Burt Reynolds 90
8 Tom Hanks (Tie) 83
Bob Hope (Tie) 83
10 Paul Newman 76
11 Doris Day 72
12 Rock Hudson 69
13 Julia Roberts 68
14 Eddie Murphy 67
15 Betty Grable 66
16 Cary Grant 62
17 Abbott & Costello 57
18 Harrison Ford (Tie) 56
James Stewart (Tie) 56
20 Mel Gibson 55.5
21 Robert Redford 55
22 Arnold Schwarzenegger 53
23 Elizabeth Taylor 52
24 Sylvester Stallone 50
25 Jim Carrey (Tie) 49
Shirley Temple (Tie) 49

Marc Chevalier

Gone Home
Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California
LadyStardust said:
Oh, I've got one that's just gotta qualify: Bob Hope! :)

When Hope was good, he was very very good. When Hope was bad, he was smarmy, flaccid and stale.

Bob Hope (among other golden era comics) was at his sharpest at men's clubs and USO stand-ups. That's when his humor got dirty ... and I mean DIRTY. ;)


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