Bad experience with Lost Worlds

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Monitor, Jul 13, 2020.

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  1. roadking04

    roadking04 A-List Customer

    The Rock 'n Roll Capital
    @Monitor, I am very sorry for your disappointment. This thread was hard to read. I really feel for you my friend. I really hope this gets resolved. I lost a few pounds and was gonna get a size 46 618. Was thinking about upgrading to the SD. For 2k, it doesn't look much better than an $800 Schott. A person should not be disappointed, angry, ignored, and talked down too after dropping 2k on a jacket. UNACCEPTABLE!!
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  2. dannyk

    dannyk Practically Family

    Not much to add that hasn’t been said. Just to repeat that mistakes happen. Sometimes things slip by qc or the wrong jacket sent in ones place. Sometimes a number misread and a custom jacket made incorrectly. Happens to the best. But when that happens the best also need to offer the best customer service. This really makes me nervous because I’ve owned Vansons, Aeros, Cals, Schotts, and next on my list was one of two LWs. This turns me off. Maybe in a trade or second hand but scares me off buying direct. In the case some mistake does occur. So sorry to hear this. I don’t know how at this point it can be made right but somehow hoping it is.
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  3. jonbuilder

    jonbuilder One Too Many

    Redwood City, CA
    Sorry to hear about your troubles with LW. IMO you are being traded unfairly and unprofessionally. I read many posts where members are being unreasonable with jacket makers like bitching when Langlizt remakes a jacket two times and decides they no longer want to make jackets for what they think is a troubled client. I would hope LW would send you a completed refund if you mailed the jacket back or remake you a jacket closer to the size you requested and consistent with the top end craftsmanship they claim to uphold. LW then decides they no longer want to make jackets for Monior so be it.
  4. Rosecitymike

    Rosecitymike One of the Regulars

    Such a shame! I’ve looked at LW both new and used because of the reputation. I almost started an order a year ago but also found it difficult to get a straight answer on measurements. On the other hand, Aero is really straight forward on measurements, so I can tell that I would swim in a 48 of one style but be okay in a 46 of another. (Same with Iron Heart). One of the nice things about eBay—it’s usually easy to get the exact measurements.

    Have you considered Himel for a semi-custom? My experience was nothing but positive.
  5. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 Call Me a Cab

    Monitor, I totally agree with you here. This sadly reeks of un-professionalism on the part of the Lost Worlds staff, and perhaps they are not even aware of this thread being formed. Their reputation is indeed on the line. Unfortunately you do not live locally. Did you buy this on a credit card? If so I would call them and explain the situation, perhaps they could stop payment or go to bad for you for a refund. Be sure to indicate that the company is not taking care of the situation for you.

    This jacket is not a testament to LW quality or sizing at all. Indeed, after spending that kind of money, you Should be upset, even quite deeply irritated with the sizing issues and the obvious manufacturing flaws. I do indeed hope this gets resolved in a positive manner for you.
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  6. Benny Holiday

    Benny Holiday My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sydney Australia
    As has been pointed out, disgraceful customer service - or lack thereof. Not acceptable by a long shot. The thing about LW is that a reasonable number of customers (not everyone, though) have been willing to endure the owner's attitude because of the quality of the end product. Take away that quality, and all you've got left is attitude no one needs. For that sort of dough, there are plenty of other companies doing their thing without all the belittling re-bop. Knowing the quality of their jackets, I expected a lot better from LW.
  7. El Marro

    El Marro Call Me a Cab

    I’m not sure if you’re referring to me but if so it was actually two different jackets both remade once. The first jackets they made me didn’t fit as requested so I asked to have them remade, and to Langlitz’s credit they completed the remakes and did a great job on both of them.
    Here’s hoping Stuart will do the same!
  8. MrProper

    MrProper One of the Regulars

    I'm sorry for you. Thanks for the warning. Therefore no LW jacket for me.
  9. Will Zach

    Will Zach Practically Family

    Northeast USA
    Three jackets and counting that LW will not be getting orders for.
    Leaving @Monitor hanging like that, with no reply to his last email, I do not see how LW deserves any new orders at all.
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  10. Superfluous

    Superfluous My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Missing in action
    @Monitor I am genuinely sorry to learn of your disappointing experience. My compliments for maintaining your composure in the face of Stuart's unconscionable behavior. It speaks volumes about both of you.

    I agree with the sage input shared in the preceding posts. Although I am not close to pulling the trigger, LW had been on my short list of manufacturers for my next jacket. My primary hesitation with LW has always been the unpredictability associated with Stuart and his *unique* approach. When he gets it right, his jackets are masterpieces. However, when he misses the mark . . . its a different story.

    Good service is not defined by how companies deal with satisfied customers but, rather, how they deal with dissatisfied customers and product shortcomings. Your dissatisfaction with the jacket is well justified. Stuart should have bent over backwards to remedy the material shortcomings with his product. Instead, he disrespected, disregarded, and abandoned his reasonable customer. His conduct is inexcusable.

    Your experience confirms my greatest fears about LW and the short list for my next jacket just got shorter.
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  11. regius

    regius Call Me a Cab

    New York
    I’ve had this question for a long time, Aero, Buzz, Eastman, Roleclub, etc, are very very busy, oh and Lewis, because 1) there are more individual consumers who buy and don’t return their jackets than pissed customers who hate them or want to return, and 2) there are many stockiest around the world who place volume orders to keep them busy, but with LW, I don’t know of any stockiest? I don’t see any movie production that hire them? And there is about 50/50 of individual customers who love and hate them. So, it is a mystery they stay in business.
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  12. Dav

    Dav One Too Many

    Somerset, England
    Never owned or handled a LW, however after quite a few years here I've gained the impression that they treat their customers like crap, this thread has only comfirmed my opinion.
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  13. Yeah Nick, nothing really new..except for maybe some of the more recent members. Some customers have had no problems...but then others have regretted their involvement in trying to deal with Stuart.
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  14. Harris HTM

    Harris HTM Practically Family

    the Netherlands
    May I ask how you paid for the jacket? My credit card company has a sort of buyer's insurance included - if waht you got is not what you ordered then you get a full refund. At least this is what they adverstise, never tried it in practice though. Keep a good record of the mails you've exchanged, they need it as proof.
    As for the jacket: I know it sucks. Keep on thinking positively. Last week the local dry cleaner destroyed my NOS Replica B15d(mod) - I keep my peace of mind by considering that in the current pandemic and financial tsunami a jacket is less important.
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  15. mihai

    mihai One of the Regulars

    Sending the jacket back EU->US and US->EU means paying customs/vat twice. Or you'll have to bother with re-importing procedures each time.

    I have a LW NYPD hh jacket labeled 38 that fits like 40/slim 42. I have a LW goat a-2 labeled 40 that fits like slim 42.

    Maybe properly completed jackets worth but to gambling 1500+ usd doesn't. It's out of question to spend so much money on a jacket that might not even fit. Ironically most of the best fitting jackets were bought used.

    Seeing he got the sizing wrong(1 size!) I wouldn't venture in ordering even the OTR jacket I planned. That's the point of buying brand new from the maker, to get something that fits as intended. If it's about taking chances, then used market is pretty accommodating. You take a risk for considerably less money.

    Depends on the bank. I tried to dispute even obvious cases where no product was shipped(no tracking, provided communication/emails) and the bank replied it needed the seller to acknowledge that. What a joke. Instead paying by PayPal(not FnF) proved always to offer refund in case of purchase issues.
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  16. navetsea

    navetsea I'll Lock Up

    East Java
    Yeah the fit is the biggest bummer, how would they even make mistake like that, especially to a returning customer, shouldnt they have your previous measurement, deducting 2 inches from previous measurement across the chest seems very simple straightforward thing, checking it during production is also very easy.
    Unless they dont keep track of previous orders for customers from abroad.
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  17. Marc mndt

    Marc mndt Practically Family

    In Europe, you can claim back custom duty if you return the goods to the seller because they are defective or not compliant with the terms of the contract.
  18. Monitor


    Day 4 and still no reply from LW. Meaning there isn't anything that can be sorted out. The owner made my options clear from the start and I don't believe that's going to change any time soon. And I also refuse to beg them to agree to my terms! I think LW's interpretation of what is "manly" differs from mine. Apparently, standing behind your product isn't a very manly thing to do.

    Wanted to thank you all for posting. Was hesitating making the thread as I wasn't sure that many people would agree that the issues really are noteworthy, you know how things are when it's your hide on the line, lots of doubts, so all this support genuinely surprised me.

    To answer a few questions...

    @Harris HTM , @AeroFan_07 - Payment was made through a direct bank transfer. When ordering the jacket, I asked LW which payment method would they prefer the most and they said wire transfer. I think they lose least money that way and while I knew it's least safe for me, I never for a second thought anything could go wrong - at least as wrong as it did.
    Other members were receiving some heavenly jackets at the time and all of their troubles were immediately sorted out so I figured I've nothing to worry about.

    @mihai , @Marc mndt - In case of a remake, there would be no way to prove to the customs that the other jacket is a replacement so yeah, they'd treat it same as the first one and I would again have to pay all the import taxes. I called the customs office, you can get some kinda special paperwork made to avoid customs but this also costs quite a lot.
    LW will help you out with that, they can declare the jacket lower and all that but it's still a bothersome procedure and still a lot of money. Since shipping isn't something they cover, sending it back would amount to a lot of money for me.

    @jonbuilder - They needn't bother banning me, I won't own another LW ever again. I'm seriously considering selling the vest as well. I wanted to get the NYPD police jacket from them as my next jacket since it looks great. I guess that won't be happening.
  19. Robbie79

    Robbie79 One Too Many

    @Monitor I really feel sorry for what happened to you!! I always thought that LW offers top notch quality and sizing is precisely but obviously this is not the case. Calling you a liar is inacceptable as the holes and double-stitchings, etc. are very visible and an inspection by LW makes no sense. IMO he's taking you for a complete fool and his attitude is really arrogant as he thinks that he is supposed to be the best leather jacket maker in the world and that he never makes any mistakes. He should know that in times of Internet (forums, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) his so far good /excellent reputation can be long-term damaged by treating a customer like this. I would give him the advice to tell you his UPS account number for picking up your jacket for free and making a new high quality and good fitting jacket for you. That's how I normally treat my customers....but I think he lives in other spheres which we can't imagine. Anyway, I really hope that he'll change his mind and will find a good solution for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!
  20. Tom71

    Tom71 A-List Customer

    Monitor, can´t really say more than all the others. I am really sorry that this didn´t turn out well. I will Keep my fingers x-ssed that Stuart Comes to his senses.

    Only as a sidenote: I am more than happy with my "Ryder" and experienced a super-smooth ordering process with Stuart. After seeing your Speed-Demon (which I never thought looked too big BTW), I planned on ordering this as my second LW. Won´t be happening now. Sizing is THE issue when ordering online and to mess up something like this with a returning customer AND NOT sorting this out is a No-Go in this price range, IMO.
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