Best Investment I've ever made

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Kilgour Trout, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Kilgour Trout

    Kilgour Trout One of the Regulars

    Thunder Bay, ON
    I thought perhaps that though I've posted this over on COW, there might be some here who could make some suggestions and perhaps take a similar route.
    I can honestly say that this block from Lamode is the best
    investment I've ever made.
    It is absolutely great.

    In the three days I've had it. I've
    torn down and reblocked two hats. One was a Low end Lee
    summer felt and the just today I did something a bit better and far
    more unusual.

    Some time ago I received a vintage Porti beaver with beautiful density weight. The only problem was that the crown had extensive motteling (If that how you spell it). Likely it was the result of moths. Today, I stripped the hat down of liner, sweat and ribbon, dropped it in the water and then reversed the crown .

    So good. The hat looks fantastic on the the block and will finally make a hat that is worth wearing. I'll post some pics tomorrow.
    here they are...

    This is just to say that with a block like this the potential for rebuilding
    and making hats (Someday perhaps) is endless. your sheckles and take the plunge.

    Warmest Regards
    Kilgour Trout
  2. tonyb

    tonyb I'll Lock Up

    My mother's basement
    Having learned the rudiments of cleaning, I'm ready to take the next step. Where'd you get that block, Trout? And you got any tips on using it?

    SHARPETOYS Call Me a Cab

    Titusville, Florida
  4. riccardo

    riccardo Practically Family

    Sicily - Italy
    Great link!!

    Hi Sharpey,
    great link, thanks for posting it.
    " Ben fatto, picciotto!!"

    Best regards.
  5. tonyb

    tonyb I'll Lock Up

    My mother's basement
    I understand that "tearing down" the hat (removing the liner and sweatband, if not also the ribbon) is advisable before reblocking a hat. But is it necessary? I recall someone here talking about hat shops back in the old days charging like 25 cents to reblock a customer's rain-drenched hat, while he waited. (Of course, the hats themselves went for about five bucks and up back then.) I can't imagine that those old-time hatters would tear down a hat and put it back together while the customer cooled his heels, unless the whole process is less complicated and time-consuming than I suspect it actually is.
    I ask because I feel up to attempting reblocking, and I have several not-particularly-precious old lids I wouldn't mind experimenting on. But I don't think I'm yet ready to sew the sweatbands back in.
    Will reblocking put the verticality back into a tapered crown? And does the block's height matter, provided it is tall enough to accommodate the entire crown? I'd hate to get the wrong thing, see, 'cuz between veterinary bills (f#@*in' cat) and pricey repairs to the dewy-eyed bride's car, there's just no money left to waste around here.
    And what's the deal with irons? I have one hat in particular that has been repeatedly blown off my head, sat upon, had coats and such piled atop it, etc. So now it has noticeable creases and dimples where they don't belong. Will a proper reblocking tend to that on its own, or is some sort of ironing device in order?

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