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  1. fabiovenhorst

    fabiovenhorst One Too Many

    Gaspar - SC - Brazil
    My old Metzler 8x30. it belonged to my grandfather.
  2. jkingrph

    jkingrph Practically Family

    My only binoculars is a pair of Pentax 8x40, I bought in a military BX in Izmir, Turkey back in 1972. Probably not the greatest then, and from what I hear about the new ones now, definitely not, but the were all I could afford at the time, and they have and still serve me well.
  3. Selous

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    Darkest Mannanins Isle.
  4. Peacoat

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    South of Nashville
    The top binocular is my first one. It was lost for about 50 years. A year or so ago the father of a friend of mine died, and they were cleaning out accumulated stuff from his house. My buddy came across this bino and recognized it as mine from a time long ago. He brought it to me with apologies for having it for so long. I used to live at his house on the weekends, and just left it there at some point.

    The binos to the right are Fuji Meibo binoculars. The top one is 7 x 50, good for night use, and its little brother on the bottom is 7 x 35, a good general purpose bino. I liked these so well I have several pair of each. They have excellent optics. I have had the 7 x 50 for over 50 years.

    The binocular to the left is a Leica, 8 x 32, excellent optics for daytime use. The depth of view is good for bird watching within 20 or 30 feet. This is not a vintage binocular.

  5. MikeKardec

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    Los Angeles
    My only classic binocs are Hensoldt and Wetzlar, captured by my father from a Luftwaffe pilot who actually landed at a captured airfield to use the restroom!

    I also have Steiner, Doctor, and Leica. The best have got to be the Leicas which have a built in rangefinder but they are also big and heavy. If I was going to be wearing them all day I go for the Doctors first and then probably the H&W (which have been restored), they are long but not heavy, great glasses even after 80 years.

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