Black homburg Borsalino size 5 or 57 cm.

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    Verona - Italia
    Perfect Borsalino Qualità Extra Superiore. Size 5 (French) or 57 cm. US 7
    BorNero 2.jpg
    It is called "lobbia" in Italian language or homburg in the rest of the world in classic black-
    BorNero 7.jpg
    Produced in the historic Alexandria factory, this homburg belongs to late historical production when the Borsalino family was in charge of the hat factory
    BorNero 1.jpg
    It arrived very little used and in perfect condition, only a few grains of dust
    BorNero interno.jpg
    These are the dimension: curled brim are at 5cm. the ribbon at 5 centimeters and the crown, bashed. is at 12 cm.
    BorNero 6.jpg
    A classic Borsalino.
    BorNero 4.jpg
    The asking price for this timeless Borsalino is 60 euros or $70
    Shipping prices vary according to the country to be reached. Ask for the exact rate indicating where the hat should be delivered.
    For further information or photographs, do not hesitate to ask.
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