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Bob Dong B-10 Jacket review with pics!

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Brettafett, Oct 7, 2018.

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    wait and see
  2. Blackadder

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    Dong is indeed a common name and if translated the word actually mean East. Dong is just transliteration or close to how it is pronounced in English. Dong used to tailor his products using his own measurements. I think he would be considered a medium build man in Western standard but he is kind of on the heavy side in Far East standard. I think he used to cut and/tweak the pattern of Japanese repros and that caused some problems but now he seems to have given up tweaking and simply use the measurements on the Japanese repro. I have both Dong's copy of the Freewheelers Aviator vest and the original Freewheelers. Both in size 36 and they are almost the same in terms of measurements. Of course the materials used are very different. I don't think there is any alpaca in any of Dong's products. According to his own description the material used is a blend of wool and acrylic.
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  3. Edward

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    Yes, they'll have to cut corners somewhere to keep the price that much lower. Matters more with some things than others, of course; something as simple as an L2A....
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    Missing in action
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