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Bogart Does a Cameo

Gregory Wilde

New in Town
Hi all Gregory Wilde here..I got a real nice "Bogart" hat made by Port Coquitlam BC Canadian Hatter..."Wolfbrae" aka Robert Gault late in 2022.

I love all the old gangster movies...especial the Bogart gangster movies in the forties.

I wonder how many of you hat lovers were aware that "Bogie: did a cameo...(I wasn't.) .I really enjoyed watching this clip and. .found it ( entirely by accident on YouTube while surfing fedora Bogart hats today).

I thought many of you hat guys...might enjoy it too ..As most all of you know...Bogart had a personal collection of Italian maker Borsalino hats...

There is much debate since the hatter Borsalino bankruptcy in 2017 and subsequent new ownership of the company (Haeres Equita the Swiss company is now officially the new owner of Borsalino,) whether the hats made today are of the same quality as the vintage...

If you see their ads for the many versions of "Bogart" hats they have...the Borsalino hats are still very attractive but personally if I can get the old vintage quality (like I got from Robert Gault at Wolfbrae in BC) and get it handmade i I will go that route every time...There is nothing quite like a handmade gentlemen's hat in beaver or rabbit. Both will stand the test of time...

The handmade custom hat I got made by "Wolfbrae" my BC Canada hatter... was as close as one can get to the movie hat that Bogie wore not only in "Casablanca" as Rick the saloon owner and patriot but in many movies such as the Big Sleep and The Maltese Falcon.

I was very delighted with Wolfbrae Hatters attention to detail...Robert made the "Bogart" hat of my dreams....we collaborated..I was very specific about the 2 inch vintage grosgrain ....and the sharply creased front as well as generous brim size (2 1/2 and perfect crown. height ..I believe it was 4 3/4 inches).. I like teardrop crowns. Bogie's was shaped into a diamond.. as most of you know.

Cheers ..Enjoy "Bogie" in the forties cameo...and here is a pic of me in my "Bogart" fedora hand made by Robert Gault at Wolfbrae in Port Coquitlam BC..Canada.

Cheers...Happy hat hunting....Or if you are tired of hunting...just get Robert to make you a nice Beaver or rabbit hat...Then you will have the hat that you always wanted.



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