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  1. Hey guys,

    It's been a while, I know, but the newspaper had me for a spell. Recently, I've been working on something BIG the last few weeks and while I'm still in the talking stages at this point, there is a VERY GOOD chance this will come through and I need all the power of the Fedora Lounge to get the word out.

    The recently-restored B-17G Liberty Belle is planning a monumental flight to Duxford, England this June for the big air show. The Belle will be taking the same ferrying pattern used by all bomber and fighter crews during WWII over Greenland and Iceland, etc. B-17s don't do this very often anymore for obvious reasons - they're too valuable to risk. Well, the Belle is going to take the leap of faith and appear at Duxford if it can in early July.

    Here's the deal: I have proposed to them the idea of filming a documentary about the historic flight. So far, the Liberty Foundation has been VERY WARM to this idea. I have a filmmaking and journalism background, I grew up in Surrey and have been to the Duxford airshow and I'm a B-17 freak, so this is completely in my element. HOWEVER, I NEED YOUR HELP. Paddy, MikeyB17, Zemke -- I hope you guys are listening.

    This documentary is aimed to be an eventual DVD that the Liberty Foundation can sell to raise money to keep her flying. I have proposed a comprehensive documentary, complete with veteran interviews, a showcase of life in a B-17, what it is like to fly one in the 21st century, etc, etc. What I DON'T have are people ON THE GROUND for the Belle's takeoff in the U.S. and the eventual landing at Duxford.

    IF the Liberty Foundation decides to accept my proposal and do this documentary, I need to have people on the ground in June/July (exact dates not pinned down yet) with digital video cameras in hand ready to catch her taking off and touching down in England. Anyone who could do this is will immediately be given "Second Unit" credit on the documentary. I'll be getting footage throughout inside the ol' bird, but I need people waiting on the ground to catch the seminal moments from the outside!

    At the same time, the Foundation is trying to raise money for the trip. They need $275,000. They are a non-profit - all the money given is tax-exempt. This is a chance to help MAKE HISTORY. If you guys know of other WWII forums with members that would be willing to donate money to the Foundation or you know you'll be at the Duxford air show maybe we can work it out to get you there a day or so early to catch the Belle's touchdown.

    Guys, you know I only post when it's something important, interesting or big and this has the potential to be BIG. It might never happen again. Even if you only have $5 to spare, I have pasted the information below. ANYONE interested in helping catch the Belle's landings in Northeast U.S., Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and Duxford, PLEASE contact me now. While there is officially no confirmation yet if any of this will happen, when it comes to a video shoot, four months is the blink of an eye.

    And remember, tell your WWII friends to jump over to and give a few bucks to the "B-17 Overseas Tour."

    The Liberty Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization, and all donations are tax-exempt to the fullest extend allowed by law. Donations can be made for the Liberty Belle “Oversea tour” and mailed to:

    B-17 Overseas Tour
    11564 east 7th street
    Tulsa, OK 74128

    Paddy, MikeyB17, Zemke, I hope you guys are out there reading this right now. I could use your help.

    Thanks everyone,

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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for posting the news. Is it my understanding that the Liberty Belle whilst over in the UK will be offering flights for a donation as per in the US?

    I'd be willing to help out at Duxford armed with my camera to film her landing.


  3. I'm not sure what England's insurance laws allow. I know that I never could get a ride in Sally B, so I don't know if the Belle will be able to give rides, but I'm not the final word on that.

    Angel, thanks so much for replying. I know it's still a few months away, but I need to get people on board early because if this does happen, and I think it will, we won't have much time to think. Some people say strike while the iron is hot, but in reality you have to keep striking to keep the iron hot.

    When I have more details, I will give them to you. We should start finding out how to get an allowance at Duxford to get you in there on the runway for the Belle's landing.

    If ANYONE else wants to be a part of this, lemme know soon and we'll starting ironing out the details. I am working on a promotional video right now for YouTube, MySpace and anyone who wants to host the video on their site. I'll keep everyone posted.

    Thanks again Angel, you live up to your name,
  4. Zemke Fan

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    On Hiatus. Really. Or Not.

    On the run, but let me offer this... I represented the Government of Iceland for several years and am good friends with the owner of their largest PR firm. I think that the Icelanders could make a big deal about this and I'd be happy to help out if I can. -- Col. Z.
  5. Zemke - I really appreciate your help with this. It's people like those here at the Fedora Lounge that keep these old warbirds flying. I'll keep you posted as details happen!

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  7. Zemke Fan

    Zemke Fan Call Me a Cab

    On Hiatus. Really. Or Not.

    Welcome sir... Looks as if you've got a couple of great films under your belt... Why not tell us about them in your own words?

    Col. Z.

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