Cockpit Horsehide A-2 Jake Cutter's Flying Tigers tribute jacket F/S

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    Cockpit Horsehide A-2 Jake Cutter's Flying Tigers tribute jacket - FOR SALE!
    Cockpit HH A-2 8.jpg
    This US-made Cockpit WW2 Government issue A-2, is a high quality horsehide flight jacket/ bomber jacket.
    Cockpit HH A-2 3.jpg
    The Mahogany seal brown horsehide shows the same natural creases, folds and graining details, as those worn by US Army Air Force pilots during WWII.
    I replaced the knits, lining and added an authentic-as-possible leather AVG Flying Tigers Blood Chit on the back.
    Cockpit HH A-2 2.jpg
    And this is the result: A tribute to Jake Cutter's Flying Tigers A-2 jacket, from the 1980's 'Tales of the Golden Monkey' TV series!
    Tales of the Gold Monkey.jpg Jacket is very well made. Has a collar stand and also some mismatched hides, which is pretty cool for this jacket. Scovill zipper.
    Horsehide is a little bit thicker than some other horsehide jackets I have owned, but not by much. Its not heavy.
    Cockpit HH A-2 5.jpg
    Jacket is a few years old now and has a lot of character and personality.... Due to the replacement bits, the jacket is immaculately clean and fresh.
    Cockpit HH A-2 7.jpg
    Sizing is... a bit... weird. This is a 36 Long and I normally wear a 40 or 42
    I am 5'10, 39.5" chest, 158 pounds/ 72+kg and its comfy enough and easy to wear.
    Cockpit HH A-2 4-2.jpg
    Blood Chit - Top quality leather chit, handmade and hand-painted by Sean Collins of A2JacketPatches.
    Knits are authentic replacement seal brown knits from Larry at Flightjacketknits.
    Bysonleather here in the UK replaced the knits and authentic cotton lining, and also sewed on the Blood Chit (olive drab threat as requested).

    These Cockpit WWII Government Issue A-2 jackets currently retail for $700
    The leather blood chit is around another $100
    The knots, lining and all the work to fit them, another $150
    So, this jacket is almost at $950!

    I want £300 plus postage. Paypal family & friends, or collect if in London.
    From a smoke-free, pet-free home.
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    Zagreb, Croatia
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    Still up for sale!
  4. Monitor


    Looks great on you and it's a really nice jacket.

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