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Coming of Age: ceremonies and rituals

Benny Holiday

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Sydney Australia
Love that video. When a kid realises what you've got to pay to live in the adult world. My kids are still at the age where they think I'm a mobile automated money dispensing machine. They, too, will one day have the shock of discovering the value of money when you've got to earn it and pay a ton of bills and taxes out of it.
Funkytown, USA
Isn't that an educational problem? Are there much kids, not knowing about Brutto/Netto?

It's an abstract concept until it hits home. You hear about adults complaining about taxes, but until you see it in black and white, it hasn't hit home.

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London, UK
A lot of kids simply don't realise the cost of running a home. I remember one young lady who couldn't wait to leave home and have her own income. She actually quit university a year in to get full-time work, having realised that leaving home means that the disposable proportion of income inevitably drops by a huge percentage once you're running your own place, despite having a full time wage coming in. Life is definitely simply when your income, small as it may be, is still 100% disposable!
Southern California
A friend of mine had a chance meeting with Teller (now his legal name) in an elevator in Las Vegas about 10 years ago. My friend said Teller seemed to be endlessly amused that his voice was such a curiosity to so many, then recorded an outgoing message for the voicemail function on my friend's cell phone. :cool:


One Too Many
The Barbary Coast
A decade ago. It would have been about the same time frame.

My ex found out, from a guy at the gym, that I liked Penn & Teller. Of course, as with most things with her, it led to a fight.

"Why didn't you tell me? What else are you hiding? It's humiliating to know that I sleep with you, but some guy you spar with in the boxing ring knows things about you that I don't."

What? Did he tell you about Tom Nixon?


"He said you always wanted to see Penn & Teller. And that every time you guys went to fights in Las Vegas, you never got to see Penn & Teller. Who or what is a Tom Nixon?"

It just worked out that way. Every time I was in Las Vegas for a boxing match or mixed martial arts event, somehow, either the scheduling didn't work out or there just wasn't any time left between the training, meetings, press conferences, et cetera. And what could only be a cruel joke, the fight promoters and booking agents always put Barry Manilow tickets into our "comp package".

So for my birthday, we went to Las Vegas. A road trip. The same way that I used to go on bus tours. Made all the same stops. Took out of the way detours to see roadside attractions. And she got the Penn & Teller tickets.


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