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  1. cooncatbob

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    Carmichael, CA.
    Very nice, I go 1 step further and have the vintage Gillette heads replated, I then install them on handles of my own design.
  2. Cliffnopus

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    Foxboro, MA
    I had gone over to Feather blades. These are THE sharpest blades on the market, in fact, I read so much on the shaving forums about how dangerously sharp they were that I stayed away from them for years. I now realize that I shouldn't have feared them just tried them and been more careful. I recommend them to anyone who's DE shaving.

    In the last six years I have gone over to a Cobra Classic injector style razor with much success. [​IMG]
    The Cobra uses a replaceable Feather straight razor blade. I had alway wanted to learn to use a straight razor but lacked the intestinal fortiude to try one. Well, Feather makes great super sharp replaceable blades for their own straight razors, two inches in length. A company, Classic Shaving got the bright idea to harness the potential of these blades in a DE/Injector style razor. This makes them much easier to use and with the same sharpness as a straight razor. So, safety AND sharpness all in one; I bought one and never looked back.


    Oh, and Michaelshane, GREAT work on those razors. Simply stunning.
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  3. PhilD82

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    Chester UK
    Hiya Tom- I saw most of Mantic59's videos on YouTube while I was doing a little research and I agree, they're excellent- without his guidance i image my first DE shave would have ended with my nose in the sink while I was downstairs dialling 999

    Bumphrey- interesting point- the water I shave and rinse in is usually quite hot, (so as to open the pores and so forth) and the idea that hot water might distort a blade never occurred to me- that makes sense as hot metal would warp as it's cooling down, which might explain why my second (cooler) shaves are Jigsaw-like in their, rinse, lather up (in a big way as suggested) then drain the sink and use lukewarm to rinse the razor in eh? hmmm....

    Whoever mentioned styptic pencils- I'll be getting one of those, thank you!

    Anybody I havn't mentioned- my thanks you to also!
  4. JAZZmann

    JAZZmann New in Town

    GR, MI
    I found a nice 1948 gillette superspeed. It could use some work though. Can you give me any tips on how to go about cleaning it up. chemicals? Steel wool?
  5. cco23i

    cco23i A-List Customer

    I use a WW2 Gillette military razor and Barbasol shave cream.

  6. Shangas

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    Melbourne, Australia
    I only shave with a DE razor when I travel. Ever since I made the switch to straight-razors about half a year ago, I haven't touched DEs. I shave with a straight on every other occasion than travelling. DEs will require a fresh blade roughly every week or every half-week, depending on how frequently you shave and how thick your beard is.
  7. Greyfox

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    East Tennessee
    Buy some scrubbing bubbles. Soap the razor in scrubbing bubbles, use an old toothbrush to clean the nooks and cranies. Repeat as required. Remember you are shaving with a new blade so this good cleaning will make it perfectly safe for your use. Just scrubbing bubbles and a little elbow grease can really bring them back to life.
  8. If you don't have the scrubbing bubbles [they are the BEST], let it soak overnight in some water and dish detergent, then use the toothbrush. A little 3in1 oil or good gun oil [just a drop] on the mechanism.
  9. BTW, anybody got an extra lower part for the head of a Tech?
  10. Ed13

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    I have been using DE razors for over twenty years. I currently use feather blades with various vintage Gillette razors and a Merkur Slant. Different people prefer different blades so you may need to try a few different ones. I hated the Merkur blades as I found they tugged at the hairs instead of slicing them. You may find some blades work better with specific razors.

    If you are cutting yourself on a regular basis you probably need more practice with the angle you hold the razor. Practice always helps. Remember to not shave against the hair on your first pass. I lather, then shave completely with the grain of the hair. Lather again and go against the grain.

    For beginners, a milder angled razor is usually better to start with or an adjustable razor. Many of the early 3 piece razors are mild shavers. As far as Merkurs, I have only used the slant which is very aggressive. I don't know about the others in their line up. I probably have over 40 razors and am very fond of using 6 of these. They all give a slightly different shave. Try a few razors and see which one you like.
  11. JAZZmann

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    GR, MI
    Thanks for the tip.
  12. skyvue

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    New York City
    Is a week pretty standard for using a DE blade? I don't have a heavy beard, and I'm currently using Derby brand blade. Am I cheating myself by tossing them after a week?
  13. memphislawyer

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    Memphis, Tn
    No. Most men, and I am a mod over at, experience between 4 to 7 shaves with a DE blade and many toss them every Sunday just out of abundance of precaution. I use Feather blades and can get 7 to 10 shaves.
  14. Randy

    Randy Familiar Face

    Personally, I can't stand a modern razor - they cost way, way too much per shave, don't give particularly smooth results, and give me just as many weepers as my vintage razor. I've been using an adjustable Gillete DE for quite some time now and would never go back to the modern razor. The #1 thing I found useful when shopping around for the best shave was the adjustable aspect of the razor - having the ability to adjust the razor to get the right shave made all the difference in the world. The second, and still very important factor, was finding good blades - the drug store brand were torture for me, and I've since started using Derby blades with far, far better results. That said there are a lot of other factors involved in a good shave, but I stopped hunting for a good razor when I got my Slim Adjustable, and although I am not %100 sold on the Derby blades, they are WAY better than any blade I've found in a local store.

    - Randy
  15. BR Gordon

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    The one thing that you'll hear all of the time is YMMV, your mileage may vary. Everyone gets different results. Just shave with the razor and blades that you like, and you'll quickly get an idea of when to change blades.
  16. scotrace

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    I find that my face needs time to adjust to any new shaving method. A week or two. First week and I look like a bloodied self-sacrifice. Then it levels out.

    I've been using the same batch of 100 Derby blades since 2005. They are excellent - for me. Good luck, and don't give up.
  17. Salty O'Rourke

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    The problem with DE shaving is finding the perfect blade - a seemingly endless quest, at least for me. I've been a dedicated SE shaver for years and not even a Merkur slant can shave me closer. I use a vintage Heljestrand wedge SE razor with modern GEM blades - I have gotten as many as 12 shaves out of a blade but 8-10 is more like it. I've never gotten more than 3 good shaves out of a DE blade. For a chage of pace I use an old Schick injector and can go a week before I need to change blades.
  18. I think nine bladed would work better, tbh. They must be up to nine by now, are they not?

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  19. Seb Lucas

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    Well I get that people have strong opinions about blades and razors. I've found over 30 years of shaving by so many means that 5 minutes with a Braun electric does a smoother, faster, cheaper shave than I ever thought possible. I don't even have to think about it and can watch TV or drive while I'm shaving. Sacrilege? It's up to you.
  20. Feraud

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    If not yet, very soon!

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