do you have many friends?

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by davestlouis, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Mav

    Mav A-List Customer

    Tend to agree.
    Welcome, BTW.
  2. Kaonashi

    Kaonashi Familiar Face


    What are those things so called "friends"??? [huh]
  3. Neophyte

    Neophyte My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Chattanooga, TN
    I have a small group of people that I talk to, but as for "friends"...I have none. I haven't had any since elementary school (I'm a sophomore in college now).
  4. 59Lark

    59Lark Practically Family

    Ontario, Canada
    And then there was none.

    Friends, I have maybe three friends left, one of which i have known since the sixties, another one since high school and two for twenty years. Two are half dead and cant do much with, one is now married and she wears the pants and the chances to get together are much fewer. The one old fella half works for me and is a sad puppy since she lost his wife and we took him to make sure he didnt drive his ford off a cliff. He is starting to be more independent and have a more social life but the old soldier and I used to work together one day a week for 25 years , i miss him. We used to very involved with our church, then our eldest was diagnosed with autism and we told the youth minister and now they treat her like she was retarded. So we stopped attending , its amazing how all they people you thought were your friends drop you when you step off the line, we arent like the rest, my wife doesnt work she home schools our children, my eldest has high functioning aspergers and she isnt dumb . its made our world so small and those few couples that we associated with snub us now. So we have almost no friends anymore, the closest person too us is my elderly mother. I STILL have one friend from high school if I need help he tries to help but otherwise we might only see him once a month if we are lucky. I think its harder to make friends at our age, than ever, we are in our forties, i thought that my this time in my life, i would have the home i dreamt about and some friends but actually have less makes me sad. The daughter with a handicap seems to scare people away but she doesnt have a handicap , the handicap is people that think that way. I am angry that people act like this, family seem to be one of the few people that you usually can count on. This doesnt seem like a me only problem, the world seems a harsh place and the people that seem too friendly and nice seem to bail out first. 59Lark my studebaker is my oldest friend maybe:eek:fftopic:
  5. 150719541

    150719541 One Too Many

    San Luis Potosi, SLP. Mexico
    Friends ¡¡¡¡

    Some people knows many boys and girls, but, how many of thats? could you call "friends", now all people talk with many, many more than past, but I ask the same.
    :eusa_doh: :eusa_doh: :eusa_doh:
  6. Mugwump

    Mugwump One of the Regulars

    Toronto, Ont.
    Aaack! Seeing that makes me feel...strange, I guess...turned down my first proposal at 20, my second at 25...shoot, guess my luck ran out! lol

    Seems a lot of us have only a few friends that we really focus on. I think that's fantastic, personally...nothing like spreading yourself too thin and running into trouble because of it... [huh]
  7. Berlin

    Berlin Practically Family

    The Netherlands
    I have alot of people in my environment, people I hang out with now and then, but a few I call really good friends. People that are in my life for quite some time now; in hard times, good times, who met me at my worst and met me at my best and I am not one of the easiest gals to have around, so some of them had to be very patient with me etcetera but never left me. People from who I know that will just be there whenever I need them. :) {which is vice versa ofcourse}

    I feel rich with such good friends at my side :)
  8. Miss 1929

    Miss 1929 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Oakland, California
    TONS of true friends.

    I have a close circle from my youth, and we get together at least once a year for Thank God for Duck's Day, the day after Thanksgiving. Usually about 60 people at that ever-growing party, maybe 20 of them I consider close friends.

    And then there's the whole vintage scene, I would say maybe another 25 or 30 close friends there (and say 200 acquaintance/friends).

    And of course, the band, my boys are very dear to me and vice versa.

    I have also made many contacts through the internet, including some Loungers, and some of them have become real friends too.

    I am lucky! And I hope to always keep this many friends. I feel that if you let people know they matter to you, you matter more to them.
  9. Martinis at 8

    Martinis at 8 Practically Family

    I have always thought a man makes his last set of lifelong friends either during college or during his first tour in the military. All fellow men met after that are just colleagues. I can count my lifelong friends on my fingers, and all were made earlier or in accordance with the above.
  10. randooch

    randooch I'll Lock Up

    Ukiah, California
    My 5 siblings take up most of my social energy, and I wouldn't have chosen any of them for friends. Other than them and my good woman, it's like Yeps said: "Nope."
  11. Derek WC

    Derek WC Banned

    The Left Coast
    I have about 300 acquaintances which I converse with each a couple minutes daily, but I've never had a friend. I've got a couple of somewhat close acquaintances that I talk to a lot, but once we get outta school that's the end of it. Sure I've got a few friends on the Lounge, but that only comes to a certain extent. You may know that there is a person behind that wall of text, but you still don't know the person.

    Who needs friends? I'm not a sociable person either which way.
  12. The Lonely Navigator

    The Lonely Navigator Practically Family

    I'm slowly making some new online friends in a new spiritual board and have another online friend I talk with through my website.

    Things are slowly coming around.:)
  13. *bump*

    I have two true friends... my husband and my mom. I have a social friend that lives next door, but because I don't let anyone get too close to me, she only knows what I let her see. In fact a lot of people 'think' they know me and consider me their friend, but most people don't really know me at all. I've been burnt badly and so I don't put myself in that place anymore.

    So I guess my answer is yes and no lol
  14. cbrunt

    cbrunt One of the Regulars

    Like most here- I have many friendly acquantances. But only a few truly close friends. Being a man, it is often really hard to get close to another man. Not so much from a homophobic fear but simply that men (me inlcuded) simply can't always show and accept emotions as well as we can/could. Whether this is nature or nuture I've no idea. Either way there are certain walls and guards that take effort to get around. But our saving grace is that once we are close its generally for a lifetime.

    I however have no close female friends at present and would keep it that way. I have only room for one woman in my life as a close friend and that, ironically, would be my closest friend as a girlfriend or wife. Maybe difficult to explain that contradiction but many I'm sure understand.
  15. jessesgirl08

    jessesgirl08 One of the Regulars

    azusa, ca
    ;)Other than my hubby, mom and sister. No real friends to speak of. Just a bunch of aquaintances. I am a private person and it takes much doing to get into my inner circle, have not really found anyone i would consider a true friend. Have had many fair weather friends (thought at the time they would become true friends) but that was not to be. Which is why i dont fool myself anymore and keep myself and my family pretty guarded. Would like to find some true friends though, preferably other married couples that hubby and i can be friends with. Kinda like what my gram and gramps had with grams best friend and her hubby. always envied that friendship
  16. We'd like the same thing, but unfortunately we never like both spouses [huh]

    I should add that people know me better on the internet than in real life. It's weird how you can be yourself behind a computer screen, isn't it?
  17. Michael Carter

    Michael Carter One of the Regulars

    I have no real friends. I have a lot of aquaintances. The last time I had a real friend we were in the military together.
  18. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    There is only one person I would trust with my life. But how many more than that does anyone need?
  19. Atticus Finch

    Atticus Finch Call Me a Cab

    Coastal North Carolina, USA
    Seems like all my friends have speeding tickets they want me to dismiss.

  20. Foofoogal

    Foofoogal Banned

    Vintage Land
    That is hilarious. I can only imagine. shakeshead

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