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Does anyone else get Spam mail from the lounge

The Wolf

Call Me a Cab
Santa Rosa, Calif
Once in a while I get an update e-mail that says it is from the Lounge but is obviously an ad.
Such as this which I got in my e-mail on Sunday the 18th:

"Dear The Wolf,

bcde806 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - It is the East and Norma Shearer is the sun - in the The Moving Picture forum of The Fedora Lounge.

This thread is located at:

Here is the message that has just been posted:
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There may be other replies also, but you will not receive any more notifications until you visit the forum again.

All the best,
The Fedora Lounge"

There have been ads for other products as well and luckily it is rare.
Anyone else have this problem before?

The Wolf
TW, the only reason it shows up in your box is being in a thread you're subscribed to. I usually go to the thread only long enough to click the "Report Post" button (the little triangle at bottom-left), noting that it's spam when I call in the fire-mission.

Then, since spammers cheese me off on general principle, if I'm in a really foul mood that moment I'll search their posting-history to see howe many times they've done it and call in fire-missions on those posts as well.

Old habits die hard--over on another board, the mod-team named me "Designated Spamkiller", and once you've had the fun of busting a few (especially gutting their posts and refilling 'em with snark like "I am a spamming IDIOT and have been banned for it")... well, power gets hard to walk away from, y'know?


One Too Many
Dittto to Diamondback. I have history of reporting spams :D
I happen to moderate on a board that also uses vBulletin, so I know how this works :p
If nothing shows up when you click the link, it means someone else has already noticed/reported the spam and the Bartenders have done the job :eusa_clap


I'll Lock Up
Da Bronx, NY, USA
I never noticed the report spam icon before, thanks DB. Every once in a while this happens. You can tell when the post says "array" in the user's name. I've always reported it to a bartender, and they always delete the user.
It's irritating as hell to me, but the Lounge bartenders do a great job of controlling it. Another reason to thank them for their good work. :eusa_clap

"Skeet" McD

Practically Family
Essex Co., Mass'tts
dhermann1 said:
I never noticed the report spam icon before, thanks DB. Every once in a while this happens....the Lounge bartenders do a great job of controlling it. Another reason to thank them for their good work. :eusa_clap

Just another report: I wasn't aware of the Spam Report button either, so another round of thanks!; on the other hand, I've never received Spam from here in my 8 months around here; that's a short time compared to many of you...but I wonder whether it has anything to do with the fact that I'm Mac-based, rather than PC?

What's the experience of other Mac-users?


Miss Neecerie

I'll Lock Up
The land of Sinatra, Hoboken
But here is the thing...

you are -not- receiving spam mail from the lounge...

You are receiving a notification mail, legitimately from the FL, on threads that you subscribe to. When you subscribe to a thread, every time a post is made on that thread, it emails you, with both that a post was made, and the content of that post.

So in most cases you get ' Miss Neecerie has posted to the thread you have subcribed to"

And then my stunning words of wisdom.

In -this- case, because the POST itself was spam...the automatic notification of a new post, does what it normally does, and sends you the new post. It doesn't magically read the contents of the post, it just knows that you asked to be sent an email every time that thread is updated.

So the spam is in the POST here on the lounge...not in the email.



Vintage Land
I have no idea what any of you are talking about.
1. I never get informed or notified of threads I am watching.
2. I have a spam blocker like Fort Knox
3. Alot of times the Tias mall I am at and/or mail I send sometimes is seen as spam and ends up in spam folders. My blog makes it easy for someone to find me though. Hopefully.

Spam and email filters are the bane of my existence but I have never received one spam anything from the FL.
Alot of ?'s and offers on items that people never follow thru on. I often wonder if they are having trouble or playing tricks on me. Wouldn't be any FLers at all though in my imaginary world of the FL. :rolleyes:

The Wolf

Call Me a Cab
Santa Rosa, Calif
Miss Neceerie, I didn't mean that the Lounge was SPAMming me, just that it is an obvious advert when I look at my Lounge notification. I didn't word it well. I wasn't blaming the Lounge.
Now I also know why when I go to the link the message isn't there.
I assumed some SPAMmer was sending a message like I would get in e-mail so I would read it but the body of the message would an advertsement.

Thank you everyone for helping me understand this.

Now back to the Python references.lol

The Wolf

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