Eastman Original Maker Monarch size 42 A-2

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    6F2AE226-69AA-4BA9-B4AF-E28D2DB95EC0.jpeg 6DD2CA88-DF59-4848-95F6-24AD3A74C9A4.jpeg 12EF2719-DA72-4E97-871D-B84ADC8CD454.jpeg 1F075047-8F22-42A0-BBB3-F614FEF54E62.jpeg 54396317-DB34-4715-8CBD-43FC7D9B6463.jpeg 149249A1-7206-4F4A-8668-AD737834E24B.jpeg A686B0E8-6C7B-4539-B1D8-45C3AE91A5ED.jpeg 83315FB4-DB20-4626-8D8D-95030847D041.jpeg 6DD2CA88-DF59-4848-95F6-24AD3A74C9A4.jpeg 6F2AE226-69AA-4BA9-B4AF-E28D2DB95EC0.jpeg 6DD2CA88-DF59-4848-95F6-24AD3A74C9A4.jpeg Beautiful like new Eastman Leather Co. Monarch A-2. Gorgeous jacket. Just doesn’t fit me quite right. It’s a size 42. The measurements are as follows

    Chest : 22.5”
    Shoulder : 18”
    Arm : 25.5”

    Would like $1,100 for the jacket. Message me if interested!

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