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a2 flight jacket

  1. F

    WTB Eastman or Good Wear A2

    Hello all! New to the forum but long time haunt! Have decided to take the plunge into the leather world and purchase my first A2. I am in aviation medicine and typically wear a jacket at night or in the early mornings during the summer and throughout the day during the winter. Not afraid to...
  2. A

    WPG - A2 Jacket 42R like new

    Hello I have an A2 Jacket produced by WPG. Worn only a handful of times. It’s marked medium which is a 42R on their size chart. In great condition. 125$ Shipped CONUS. Or best offers.
  3. ordounion

    FS: Bundling Avirex Flight Jacket and Schott NYC Leather Flight Jacket

    Hello Loungers, I would like to sell bundling 3 leather jacket with special price. Avirex Flight Jacket and Schott NYC Leather Flight Jacket Measurements Avirex: Size M fit to L Shoulder 58 cm Chest 59 cm Length 74 cm Sleeve 60 cm Used good condition 9/10 Measurements Schott NYC: Size 38...
  4. M

    FS GOODWEAR Dubow 20960 size 48 fits 44/46

    Hi all, Selling this beauty in Russett HH as it’s a little to big for me. I’m usually a 42/44 in GW. Super nice hide, lots of character. Wonderful crown zip. Knits and interior are in great condition. This was made for a customer I believe who requested measurements and wanted the 48 tag for...
  5. Lheritage

    The Real McCoy’s A2 new

    Hi, I’m selling this A2 bought recently, tag on it. I have the receipt from the store. The jacket has never been worn. I’m based between UK and France. Happy to send it. price: £1550
  6. R

    For Sale: WW2 A-2 Leather Named Flight Jacket Rare 2nd Command Control Squadron Patch

    I have a WWII A2 leather flight jacket named, “ E.J. Cichon”, below the tag is a 2nd Command Control patch in 5-inch diameter (cotton embroidered on felt). The jacket is in great condition for its age and the leather is still soft. The Talon zipper is in working order. Waistband, wool cuffs, and...
  7. BotanPhotography

    Eastman A2 Help!

    Hey guys! I'm looking into buying an Eastman A2, I've narrowed it down to the Eastman edition, the Rough Wear 27752, or the Monarch MFG 23378. I'm not very well versed in the A2 repro world, so I'm not quite sure what the differences between these models are, please enlighten me!
  8. J

    Eastman Original Maker Monarch size 42 A-2

    Beautiful like new Eastman Leather Co. Monarch A-2. Gorgeous jacket. Just doesn’t fit me quite right. It’s a size 42. The measurements are as follows Chest : 22.5” Shoulder : 18” Arm : 25.5” Would like $1,100 for the jacket. Message me if interested!
  9. K

    FS Toys McCoy A2 size 36 Shinki Horsehide

    FS Toys McCoy A2 size 36 Shinki Horsehide Toys McCoy A2 size 36 Shinki Horsehide very good condition on both leather and the liner. Cuffs are in tip top shape since I've never wear a watch with this jacket. The grains is developing beautifully on the sleeve. I bought this brand new for around...
  10. Solo

    Shinki A-2 from RMC

    I've unloaded most of my jackets made in steer and suede and decided to keep things simple with just a couple of nice HH jackets. I love Vicenza leather that Aero uses, but one that stands out for me in terms of character and uniqueness is the HH made by Shinki. So here's my Real McCoy A-2 in...
  11. B

    Early Aero A2 A-2 Bomber Jacket Russet Brown 36

  12. S

    Help IDing Alexander Skarsgard's flight jacket from The Little Drummer Girl

    First of all, hello. This is my first post as a new member on this forum. I would greatly appreciate this forum's expertise and help. Publicity shot: https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/2018/08/21/d8d068bf-343d-4ea2-9263-4af6b56b614c/668b1f9f59d329b37de9f114330db0de/180821-little-drummer-girl.jpg...
  13. F

    Budget A2 - AVI vs. QMI

    Hello all, I'm on the lookout for an A2 jacket but I'm on quite a tight budget. I was reading some good reviews about the AVI LTHR Bronco A2 and I was almost decided to buy it but then I stumbled upon the QMI horsehide A2 which is currently on sale for 200€ in my size which is a very tempting...
  14. kliffjumper123

    Nakata Shoten A2?

    Hello all, I've recently been looking at purchasing an A-2 and came across this on Buyee: https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/f252324037 I was curious to know what some other peoples thoughts on it are.
  15. D

    Seeking for a great A2 jacket

    Hello everyone I am somehow new in here! And I enjoy very much the site! I would like to ask advices about the best A2 jacket to get. I used to wear a Werber Eastman leather A2 jacket for about 2 years but that beauty was way too big for me (an actual size 44 as I am more a size 40 or 42). The...
  16. O

    Eastman A-2 flight jacket goat skin size 40

    Eastman A-2 flight jacket size 40 goat skin. In excellent condition, knits and Talon zipper in perfect condition. Leather is still crisp and almost in perfect condition, except for some fading at the collar (see pic) and under the armpits. measurements p2p 56 cm sleeve 60 cm shoulders 48 cm...
  17. kliffjumper123

    Interesting A2

    Hello all, I've spent the past couple of weeks scrounging across the internet the US and the Japanese internet alike for a new used A2. I came across one that I'm looking at possibly bidding on but was hoping I could get some information or advice on it. 7 here it is...
  18. kliffjumper123

    Looking for an A-2 (Help)

    Hello all, I'm somewhat new to the whole leather jacket and flight jacket world and subsequently need some help. I currently own a Cooper/US Wings Flying Tigers commemorative jacket in Seal Brown. What I'm looking for is a lighter shade, not necessarily a Russet but more of a ww2 coloration in...
  19. nkang

    FS: Cockpit USA A-2 Size 42 1987 Reissue

    For sale is my go-to beater, a Cockpit USA A-2 jacket size 42 Reissue style. Comes with tags. Fits up to a 44'' chest but is ideal for 42'' or smaller. Nice cut and looks very authentic. I have owned it for 2 years but after careful consideration, I decided to only keep my AVI G1 jacket as my...
  20. LtMehlich

    Flying jackets from Pakistan

    Hey Folks, first of all, I'm Daniel from germany and I must say you guys have an awesome forum. just a few seconds ago I found fairly cheap copies of A2 and G1 Jacket on ebay. In the description it says, they are from Pakistan...

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