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a2 flight jacket

  1. LtMehlich

    Flying jackets from Pakistan

    Hey Folks, first of all, I'm Daniel from germany and I must say you guys have an awesome forum. just a few seconds ago I found fairly cheap copies of A2 and G1 Jacket on ebay. In the description it says, they are from Pakistan...
  2. Asaha

    So, I got myself an A2(Eastman)

    Hello Everyone, I think I can contain myself after this. Some of you might know that that I got my civilian half belt probably a month ago and I have been wearing that since, but A2 was always back of my head, so I pulled the trigger on one. There are so many variety of A2 cuts, that I went...
  3. K

    Vintage Aero Leather, WW2 Monarch A-2 Flight Jacket, Size 42

    Herewith My "vintage" Aero Leather Clothing Company's version of a Wartime Monarch Manufacture, A-2 Flight jacket. I am the second owner and was given this 5 years ago and it has sat in my closet ever since, never worn by me. I reached out in the outwear section to see if anyone could identify...
  4. F

    Question about AVILTHR A2 jacket

    Hello to all. Does somebody has Danish A2 by AVILTHR? http://www.avilthr.com/product/a2-flight-jacket-seal-brown/ Interested in what about quality for this money and how this jacket corresponds to the canonical WW II A2 .
  5. wolves

    Horsehide McGregor 1950's Bomber Size 38 - $99

    $99 - see ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/McGregor-Horsehide-Leather-Bomber-Size-38-36-A2-Aero-Schott-Eastman-Style-/232056800795?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123
  6. C

    Newbie help request deciding first a-2 leather?

    Hi All I'm Chamburger. Newbie. I am interested in a leather with a more trim fit. I am 5'5" athletic body(winter weight gain with gym brings me to 190) but I wusually drop to 170 in summer/spring) and I would like to get something quality but for max 400$. I am looking at US authentic, US...
  7. A

    Cooper A2 46R wanted

    Hi people, I am a vintage watch guy who has always loved vintage since visits to Camden market in London as a teenager... own lots of vintage including a USN G1 which is way too small for me.... I am looking for a 46R Cooper with darker older lining... nothing flash just an ok one.. I had a 48...

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