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Discussion in 'Suits' started by havershaw, Sep 5, 2004.

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    Fit compared to today's suit -

    I don't see any real appreciable difference in freedom of movement. I don't have any binding or "uncomfortable positions" when wearing my modern suit(s). This new-to-me 1940 model is certainly different, but I can't say that it is much different from the 2000+ suit (that's year, not price, by the way). It's neither easier nor harder to move around in, unless you account for the lifted spirit encouraged by the vintage suit, in which case I feel at once free as a bird and stiff and stern as Fort Knox. I guess it's kinda that "million bucks" feeling, you know? Yes, of course you do.

    Now, I've had it on for only a few minutes here and there, so perhaps a real world wearing would be a better test drive for critique and review.

    Root - great offer for shoes and ties. Thanks. How about suspenders? Given your previous offer of assistance, I bet this is another accessory where you may assist. Not ready to do anything immediately, but for future reference, I wear a 12D in footwear.
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    I would have to agree - looks like those sleeves are good for the era. French cuffs should also do the trick nicely.

    Congratulations on a really beautiful fit. I'm with Zohar - I wish it fit me, too!
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    12D in footwear

    Sorry, that's my size. Not to sound greedy, but when I find a pair that fits me, I snatch them up cuz they be hard to find! So, you're on your own on that one:D Well, if I find a pair for cheep and it's something that I have already, then I'll give you first crack at them.

    But, I can find you some ties for cheep. You should think of getting one just for your suit for now.

    Braces eh? Not real hard to find. You can always ask Art about them. I know he gets some nice New Old Stock here and there and he's the best source.

    Any way, I'll let you know what I find next time I'm out. Wich will be some time.


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