European Hats size 60 cm. or 7 1/2 for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Daniele Tanto, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Daniele Tanto

    Daniele Tanto My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Verona - Italia
    A few days ago I said that there would be a sale of hats from my collection, which has become too large, with great regret, I realize that some of them remain closed in the closet or boxes for years.
    I did a first screening and I identified those hats that, due to their size, which are too large, remain unused.
    The hats showed are all 60cm in size and are wide for my head which is a 60 EU or a 7 1/2 US
    Most of them are made of heather felt, not so common to find in these days ;)
    The brims vary from 4.5 cm. in the first, up to 6.5 in the last shown. The shapes of the hats and their finish are varied and closely linked to the European tradition of the manufacturers
    For those interested send me a PM to get of the selected hat, more details, the exact measures and the price.
    Thank you
    Bouteille 3.JPG
    Bouteille French made. New
    FdP 1.JPG
    Vrai feutre de poil (true fur felt) French made. New
    Flechet 1.JPG
    Flechet Size 59 cm. so a 7 3/8 US It fit large. Made in France. New
    Huckel Royas 4.JPG
    Huckel Made in West Germany. Very slightly used
    Karson 4.JPG
    Karson, France made. New
    Mossant pelo 1.JPG
    Mossant. Made in France. Used
  2. hatsRme


    Boston area
    Too tiny, too bad for me! Wonderful opportunities for someone, Dan.
  3. Yeah, those heather felts look incredible!
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  4. Daniele Tanto

    Daniele Tanto My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Verona - Italia
    Thanks big heads for support :)
    The wide is the Huckel 21x17.9 centimeters. It is as new and a fantastic hat
    Second the Mossant 20.7x17.3 centimeters. It is used and a little bit funky, but amazing
    The others are more close to 60 cm.
    Hope someone will catch the wind
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