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F/S Goodwear Perry Sportswear A-2 Size 46

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by coloradorider, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. coloradorider

    coloradorider One of the Regulars

    Denver, CO
    For Sale is a Goodwear Perry Sportswear in size 46. Dull russet brown goat skin with a Crown zipper. Mint condition with very little wear. I own two of this contract and only wear the other one so I need to clean out the closet.

    Measurements are:
    Pit to pit - Front = 24" Back = 24"
    Shoulders - 20"
    Sleeves - 26"
    Front length - 24" from the top of the zipper
    Back length - 26" from the bottom of the collar stand

    Please click on the link for pics. These are pictures of the actual jacket for sale. Price is $1000.00 / shipping anywhere in the US included. I'll charge actual shipping internationally. Goodwear no longer has the Crown zippers available and the cost of a Perry Sportswear A-2 is currently $1549 plus shipping with at least a two-year wait. I bought this jacket directly from Goodwear and you can find John's pics at the URL below.



    Please PM me with any questions.
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  2. saucerfiend

    saucerfiend Practically Family

    Somerset, NJ
    Interested. PM sent.

  3. coloradorider

    coloradorider One of the Regulars

    Denver, CO
    Still available. saucerfiend was actually in possession of this jacket for fit when I bought it:) Slightly too small in the chest for him since this contract would normally be ~25". This one is slightly smaller at 24" front/back and is a neat fit on me (45.5" chest).

    I updated the measurements slightly. Pulled tight the back length is ~26" from the bottom of the collar stand or 26.5" to the bottom of the knits from the bottom of the collar.

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