Felt hats in summer..

Discussion in 'Hats' started by dlgilbert, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. TheDane

    TheDane Call Me a Cab

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    It would be fantastic if you could post a couple of photos in this thread :)
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  2. RJR


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  3. Gregg Green

    Gregg Green New in Town

    Acworth, ga.
    I think that felt hats in summer? is a good question. Me personally, I like the weight a felt hat, in particular the cowboy hat. I'm in Georgia and I wore my felt western all through the summer. A straw hat if outside for an extended period, but mostly felt. They seen to protect from the sun better. That's for me anyway. Thanks for asking.
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  4. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    My lightweight cotton summer fishing-hat = sweat, sweat and sweat!

    My lightweight, waterproof-impregnated traveller-felt hat = no real sweat! :)
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  5. Altiori

    Altiori Familiar Face

    Savannah, GA
    Living in beautiful Savannah means living in the heat—at least six months of the year. The Spring and Fall are gorgeous; the summers can be oppressive. I have about four Panamas that range from an everyday beater to an Optimo Montecristi. I wear them nine months of the year. I have some beautiful felts from having lived in the northeast for many years but seldom find an opportunity to wear any of them. Would any on the Lounge have any recommendations on how best to proceed? Should I sell them? Is there a felt anyone might recommend for the summer months? A light colored beaver felt? None of this is life and death or high level metaphysics; just a question for those who may face a similar situation.
    All the best and Tks in advance.
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  6. Rmccamey

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    Central Texas
    Jonsey out in Hawaii has that issue to the extreme!

    For me personally, in the Texas seasons, lightweight, unlined felts help me extend the spring season and get a jump on the fall season. Not many felts worn here June thru September.

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  7. Dm101

    Dm101 A-List Customer

    I punched hole patterns in my wide-brim Vintage Resistol.
    Circulates the air well enough to tolerate summer heat. I dont like to hike in it though...sweat too much. But I'm getting to the point where I care less and less as the days go by. For what I paid I'll just replace it with another if I need a hat for looking sharp...
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  8. M Hatman

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    Here is an extremely light weight THIN Mallory felt....made for warmer temps....check out the perforated sweat with the generous sweat guard behind it and the mesh liner.....thought it good to display in this interesting thread....
    More in the Mallory Mile...
    M;) 20191016_121107.jpg 20191016_121241.jpg 20191016_121141.jpg

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