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First Aero - Modified Board Racer - Dark Seal Vicenza … Arrived in China!

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by TheJuniper, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. GoAround

    GoAround New in Town

    You’ve achieved a really great fit!

    I hope to do the same while currently discussing my BR with Aero.

    May I ask you how you have determined the jacket measurements? Have they been proposed by Aero (based on your body measurements) or have they been specified by yourself?

    If the later, what for a translation you have used (body measurements —> jacket measurements)?

    Any thoughts about the vertical seam? Does it bothers you while sitting in a chair / leaning against the backrest?

  2. TheJuniper

    TheJuniper New in Town

    Californian living in China

    Hi GoAround,

    Aero does have instructions on how to take your measurements: http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/sizing.php

    What they needed for my body measurements were the following:
    Relaxed Chest
    Expanded Chest

    If you can, go to a tailor shop or a professional clothing repair/cleaning shop and have them take the measurements.

    It's also a good idea to give Aero some pictures of you in a "fit jacket". Find some leather jackets that fit you well, and take the measurements of the jacket:

    Armpit to Armpit
    Back Length

    Then take several pictures of yourself wearing the jacket.

    Send all of that information to Aero and have them advise you on the sizing.

    Remember, Aero deals with online orders like this every day. They are good at sizing people over the internet. But make sure you give them a lot of accurate information, and let them know exactly what you want!

    As for the back seam ... I don't feel it at all.

    One piece of advice for you, though ... the sleeves will wrinkle and shrink with wear. I wish I would have added 1.5" to the sleeves on my Board Racer. I like my sleeves to cover my wrists when I'm riding a bike.

    Enjoy the journey to getting your Aero!
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  3. GoAround

    GoAround New in Town

    Thank you for your detailed reply!!!

    I’m on my journey now. ;-)

    Do you mind to measure the sleeve length of some of your dress shirts? From shoulder seem downwards. Just want to compare our arm length.

    Thank you!

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