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For Sale: RAF: Battle of Britain Aero Leather Jacket size 40 ($625.00 Shipping included to USA)


New in Town
Size 40
Pit to Pit 21.5 inches
Shoulder 17.5 inches
Back 24.5 Inches
Sleeves 23.5 Inches

• Perfect Replica of the Mid WW2 Jacket - popularly known as the "Irvin"

• Battle of Britain Period Panel Construction

• Heavy ¾ Sheepskin

• Triple Stitched Leather Taped Seams

• Replica RAF Zippers

• Rivetted Main Zipper

• Under Collar Strap

• Belt with Perfect Replica Buckle

• Under Arm Eyelets

The RAF Flight Jacket is one of the most famous and recognizable pieces of aviation attire in history and are amongst the most sought-after recreation jackets we make. Popularly known as ‘Irvin’ flight jackets after their designer Leslie Irvin, these jackets served as the British Royal Air Force’s answer to the problem of keeping pilots and their crew warm at high altitudes during WW2 and became as synonymous with the British airborne war effort as the Spitfire or the Lancaster Bomber.

The basic design of the RAF Flight jacket included a heavy sheepskin with honey coloured fleece, a front zip, high collar, zip sleeves, no pockets, and a front functional half belt at the waist. As the war marched on and resources became scarcer, the amount of panelling in the flight jackets increased to decrease wastage of valuable materials. This is reflected throughout our range of three RAF authentic recreation models (Pre-War, Battle of Britain and Late WW2) which share the same cut and basic design but have increasingly complex panel configurations. Introduced in small numbers just before The Battle Of Britain, this design was the first split panel RAF flight jacket which had horizontal seaming.

All our RAF recreations have been cut and graded from original examples in our archives and we’ve worked hard to ensure every minute detail recreates the original RAF Flight Jacket. We use heavy duty British Sheepskin which has been produced to match original examples in our archives, our buckles are die cast from originals and we have perfect repro Air Ministry zippers. We would put our recreations of these iconic jackets up against any others in terms of quality and authenticity.

Today, the RAF Irvin Flight Jacket remains an iconic piece of aviation and fashion history and from military historian to fashionista, it continues to be worn by people all over the world who appreciate its timeless design and practicality. It’s stylish design and association with the heroic pilots of WW2 make it a coveted item for anyone looking to make a statement.


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