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FREE to a good home ECCO shoes NWT sz us 9/ EU42


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In the spirit of the holidays and the recent showing of good will and generosity here on TFL. I wanted to contribute something as well.

I looked through the closet and didn’t have any jackets...but I do have this pair of really nice ECCO shoes. They resemble hiking boots, but fit like low ankle tennis shoes. Super comfortable, attractive brown leather, waterproof.

I bought these around a year or so ago? Don’t really remember. They are in brand new condition, seriously, I did not clean these up...they have never been worn except to try them on.

I have more shoes than I need and I just never put these into the rotation, not sure why...I really like them. However, I am offering them here for FREE if you will cover shipping. Maybe the covid situation has got you in a bind these would be perfect for you or a family member...I don’t know. Just hoping they will go to someone who could really benefit from them. Not just to add to a shoe collection.

Sorry I made a mistake in the title and meant to post NWOT instead of NWT. But I can’t figure out how to change/edit the title. These are new “without” tags.

shoot me a message if interested. Thanks.

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Boy, would love these and in desperate need of a pair like that - very hard to find shoes that fit me properly here in Japanland without paying through the nose. But if they fit true to size I fear they'd be just too small, as I normally take a 9.5 US. Tremendous offer to be sure!

Edit: WTF, PM sent ROFL
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Hi all- I have received several PM regarding the shoes.
Thank you for your interest. I am currently considering everyone’s reply and am going to let this ride through the end of today to see if anyone else PM’s me.
Instead of doing this as a first come first served, I am really trying to find the person who I believe can most benefit from the offer and has the greatest need or compelling reason for replying to the post.
At the end of the day I will make a decision and notify the individual and set up shipping.
Thanks again.


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Hi all. Thanks again for the reply’s.
I have made a decision and notified the interested person.
If shipping costs are prohibitive I will post these back up, but for now, consider this pair donated.

Many of you who replied mentioned that although you wanted them, you would understand if someone else had a greater need. I appreciate your comments and understanding.

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