French Peasant Workwear Trousers

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    I take your points entirely, and can offer only this rationale.

    It's always been the case that the clothes of one country are taken up for a different purpose or reason by the citizens of another. In the UK, the 1950s saw the adoption of American jeans as style rather than workwear, the 60s Afghan coats for cold weather in Helmand worn to summer rock concerts in England, and so on. The only USAAF D-1, A-2 and B-3 jackets seen here used to be ones given away during the war, but now they are popular and made throughout the world, and I guess the number of actual aviators wearing them is tiny (I do, and I'm not).
    For me, bleus de travail are the epitome of French style and quality when applied to everyday working clothes (rather than high fashion), and unfortunately that's not something found in most UK clothes of this sort. Therein lies some of the attraction, and, being foreigners, the customs and constraints that apply to clothes worn in their country of origin, don't do so here. Please consider it an "hommage".
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    I entirely agree with you, one of my last purchase was a work coat from pointer brand.

    Here, no one look at me funny, but perhaps, it would be a different story in the US...
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    southbay - los angeles
    Try the guy who runs "South Seas Berets" over on the Beret thread I believe he may have some sources for "French" workwear style garments.
  4. Tiki Tom

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    Vienna, Austria
  5. Polterer

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    It's all fashion nowadays, especially for "hipsters". The wealthier parts of the UK are awash with bearded, mostly young, men, in £250 lumberjack shirts, £650 Viberg boots and the other accoutrements so essential for office wear and city life. They wear on their backs the equivalent, for many working people, of a month or more's pay.
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    There's overkill and overkill, but it wouldn't be that hard to argue that we here are more like them than we think, with our >1000$ or € leather jackets and threads advocating custom shirts, suits and engineer boots (what's in a name :p)

    Although I'd rather pay for proven quality than for a lumberjack shirt with a designer name in the tag!

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