FS: 2 Large Slim Fitting All Saints Leather Jackets

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by TooManyHatsOnlyOneHead, Sep 25, 2020.

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    Hi there. I went way overboard during the COVID sales and just overbought. Not to mention, I just didn't know what I wanted.

    I've got a couple All Saints sheep leather jackets. They're definitely more "fashion" style, slim fitting, etc. than most of the higher end stuff that gets posted here. But they're a good entry to mid level jacket for the right person. I wouldn't recommend for motorcycle riding or extreme cold, that's for sure.

    These are mint. They literally have not seen the outdoors. Wore them a handful of times around the house to get some break in and look cool on a couple zoom calls

    The first is called Harwood. https://www.us.allsaints.com/men/leather-jackets/allsaints-harwood-jacket/?colour=5&category=9

    It's black, I have the detachable hood. Again in perfect condition. Slim fitting jacket, cafe racer style, tagged large. The leather is real soft with a little bit of give, but you probably don't want to be above 185ish lbs to fit into this thing.


    I forget the name of the 2nd, but it's similar to this Motorcycle style, except it has the 2 extra pockets up top. It also has this killer red lining (you'll see in photos).


    It was supposed to be black when I bought it, but holding the two jackets up against each other, this one has a little bit of graphite, deep charcoal. I think it's called anthracite or something like that. Basically black, but when sunlight hits it, gives off a grey hue. Really, really cool.

    Again, large, but slim large.




    I'm looking for $275 for each of them, paypal FF, includes shipping to CONUS. If you want to buy both, I can go $500. I'm kind of firm on it because I got some budding teenagers that can wear these in a couple years. So I'm willing to take a little loss, but not going to take a bath on these considering they're basically new. But let me know.

    Stay safe out there.

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