FS Flechet branded Flash size 6/59 cm. 7 3/8 US

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    Verona - Italia
    "Flash" made by Flechet, one of the best French hatters of the heyday. Size is 6/59 or 7 3/8 US
    Flash 3.jpg
    New Old Stock. Sold in Europe and precisely by A. Meer Strasbourg - France
    Flash 1 bis.jpg
    The hat is a Flechet production in a splendid medium felt with short fur finish. The color is "Brouillard" (fog)
    Flash interno.jpg
    The hat has no lining, only a tip in the crown with the name "Flash" and "Feutre pur poil" (felt pure fur)
    Flash 6.jpg
    The dimensions are as follows: ribbon is 4.5 cm. matching the color of felt as the brim trimmed in the same color at 4.5 cm. crown at 11 cm.
    Flash 4.jpg
    The asking price is 60 euros or $ 70
    Ask for the cost of shipping and for any other details or pictures of this rare French hat
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