FS Hans Korner - Dusseldorf. Size 56 cm. 7 US

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    Verona - Italia
    A lovely German hat produced in the seventies. Size is 56 cm. or 7 US
    Kroner 2.jpg
    Hans Kroner - Dusseldorf. It was the shop that sold hats made by others producers under their own brand. Felt is deep blue and very well finished.
    Kroner 4.jpg
    The paper label does not help to understand which manufacturer is behind this magnificent blue hat.
    Kroner interno.jpg
    The hat is used in beautiful condition, without any damage or faults
    Kroner 8.jpg
    These are the dimensions of the Korner: trimmed brim at 5 cm. with ribbon, 3 cm. which matches the color of the felt, the crown lowered to its minimum point is 10.5 cm.
    Kroner 6.jpg
    The asking price is € 40 or $ 50
    Ask for the exact shipping rate, specifying the destination. For any detail or photograph please contact me

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