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    At a very affordable price im letting go the first of two T2 replica jackets by Magnoli. Hands down the most accurate and only one Terminator 2 jacket repro other than Bates itself. After having seen the real movie jacket at Bates, custom ordered three from Bates, I can say This one is just amazing. It even has a movie accurate LARGE square buckle that Bates stopped using! Very heavy cowhide. You can ride in it and just beat the crap out of it.
    the reason I ordered a second one was that this one got a messed up zipper job, they used an European orientation! The European Terminator?!?? Anyway, it’s new and fits very comfortably.

    Asking $200 shipping included.

    Fits chest 42, height 5’8 to 6’1.
    shoulder 19”
    Pit 23”
    Hem 20
    Sleeevs 25.5
    Back 26.75 (has curved kidney dip).

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