FS: Old, worn out (C)al Leathers CHP, sz. L/XL (44-ish)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Monitor, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. Monitor


    Old, worn out, faded Cal or Al Leathers (some of the letters have faded, not sure) classic CHP in a size L or XL. I'd say it's sz. 44. Much too large for me, in any case.

    Coolest jacket ever! Seriously. What you're getting is 8 lbs of leather that's faded and patina'd to absolute perfection. These were mostly all made of horsehide so that's my guess as well but can't really guarantee this of course.

    Anyway, pics ought to say all there is to be said. When it comes to that worn out leather jacket look, this is beyond any competition. IMO, of course!

    Paypal, Friends/Family. Shipping within EU is $15, shipping elsewhere, contact me. The jacket is massively heavy so don't forget that.

    That's a tough one. I could either make a list of all the things I'd characterize as an issue - or - simply say; No issues at all. 'cause, and hear me out on this, it's the kinda jacket you buy because of what it is, not in spite of it!
    It's why I bought it and I never had a moment of regret because of it. It always was my coolest jacket & if I didn't get the PER70 Schott, I'd never let go of this!

    The jacket's clearly got scars, scrapes, leather is faded to hell (and back), lining is torn at a few places, there are stitch holes where the HD tramp stamp used to be, one belt loop is missing etc., etc...


    ...on the other hand, it is in an absolutely wearable, perfectly functional state!

    Which is to say, leather is soft and healthy, all zippers are operational, snaps work, laces work, pocket bags whole... Seriously, all the "issues" are of cosmetic nature and I can't find a single thing that'd prevent you from just wearing the hell out of it. Nothing that requires attention, immediate or distant. Tough as a box of nails. Put it on, wear it, love it.

    The jacket has been sent to Cal Leathers for restoration, where it had a brand new collar installed & some of the holes at the elbows patched. Also had much of the stitching reinforced (all they could get to, I imagine)... So yeah, nothing wrong with it.

    I wore it a lot, I love it but I can't wear it anymore. Would love to see it end up with another true Cal fan.

    It's a bigger jacket. No size tag so pay attention to the numbers below.
    • Chest width: 62 cm / 24.5"
    • Shoulder width: 51 cm / 20"
    • Waist width (tho adjustible): max 60 cm / 23.5"
    • Back length (w/o collar): 65 cm / 25.5"
    • Sleeve length ('round outside curve): 65 cm / 25.5"

    Want to get only what I paid/invested into it back. I think it'd sell for good money on eBay but then again, I don't want to deal with nitpickers.

    Well anyway, if you got ANY questions at all, make sure to ask. I've done my best not to sugarcoat a single thing about this beauty but in case I missed something, let me know.

    Enjoy the pics and don't forget to click on any to zoom in.

  2. jonbuilder

    jonbuilder Call Me a Cab

    Redwood City, CA
    excellent opportunity to get into a vintage Cal with a low buy in
  3. photo2u

    photo2u A-List Customer

    claremont california
    Love the jacket. Can make it in to a nice vest.
  4. Will Zach

    Will Zach One Too Many

    Northeast USA
    I don't think it is worn out at all. Tons of life left for someone who appreciates vintage. A great entry point.
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  5. Mandarin

    Mandarin A-List Customer

  6. ksozay

    ksozay Practically Family

    I know this jacket!

    This is legit, a great and incredibly comfortable jacket. From what I remember, Cal had a moment in time when, during the change of ownership from original to current - one of the original jacket makers left Cal and took the patterns with him. He opened a shop down the street and called it "Al's Leathers". Cal wasn't making jackets at the time so he kept the pattern going until he closed down after Cal received the patterns back.

    It's horse from the 70s that was made without the glossy finish so the leather would be more pliable/soft from the start. Too many stories associated with this jacket that you can see from the patina/wear. Lots of life left in this jacket. It's super comfortable.
  7. Monitor


    Okay guys, I'm really sorry but I'm kind of having regrets listing this so am in the process of trying to figure it out whether I want to sell this or not as it's essentially something I in all possibility won't find again SO as it stands, I'm taking it off the market until further notice.

    Simply put, I slept on it and realized that the thing I want to buy for the money from this jacket will always be available while a jacket like this - Wont.

    Plus these are the first okay-ish photos I ever took of this jacket and holy crap, despite all that insanely wonky stitching, it's stunning.

    Thanks y'all and again, I apologize for wasting your time.
  8. JMax

    JMax I'll Lock Up

    You smart
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  9. Leather Walker

    Leather Walker One of the Regulars

    Wise decision, Monitor. This jacket is absolutely badass! IDK why but when I see their pics, a tank comes to my mind. I find this jacket highly robust.

    Thanks for this interesting info, ksozay. I always wondered how Al's Leather was established: if they were a business which made knockoff of all kind of jackets, or what. As I see on this site, Al's Leather was established in 1987, I guess the moment that person started his business using Cal's patterns. Were Talon and Serval zippers still used at this time? I say this because all Al's Leather jackets I've seen had YKK zippers.
  10. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    This is a glorious, beautiful jacket right here! Perfect patina, fades & soft, awesome leather. Keep it and enjoy wearing it around.
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