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    A small array of things that are nice and ready to move to a good home. I do combine shipping, and prices are OBO.
    Please Private Message me about these; PM's take priority over replies here.
    Chuck Taylors: Modern shoes, but a retro or vintage style. Bought these at the outlet store; what's odd is, I could not find this model on the Converse website! They might have been a "Defective" design?? Either way, faux leather, size 10. BARELY worn- I think I wore these twice, about an hour each time. Check the treads, they are barely worn.
    $20 plus shipping.

    Salt and pepper shakers- probably 1950's. Steamship design. Plastic with glass shakers (tops are plastic too.) The cutting mat it sits on shows 1in squares; hence the ship is about 4inches long.
    FREE, plus shipping.

    Sewing patterns:
    Men's patterns, the guide book says both are from 1950. Medium on the left, Large on the right. $5 each, plus shipping.

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