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    Very nice Vanson motorcycle jacket - "Satellite." It is nicely broken in and comfy. Vanson replaced the main zipper under waranty a few years ago. This jacket hasn't been worn much since. It has the Cobra waistband and back vents, but it doesn't have the sleeve vents that the newest jackets have.

    I love this jacket - typical Vanson design, functionality and quality - but it doesn't get any wearing time so I'd like to pass it on now.

    Asking $300 plus shipping.

    IMG_20190520_155901.jpg IMG_20190520_155936.jpg IMG_20190520_160018.jpg IMG_20190520_160037.jpg IMG_20190520_160058.jpg IMG_20190520_160128.jpg IMG_20190520_160134.jpg IMG_20190520_160356.jpg IMG_20191023_182729.jpg IMG_20191023_182736.jpg IMG_20190520_155901.jpg

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