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  1. CanaryBird

    CanaryBird New in Town

    Chch, New Zealand
    Jack if that pic is of you I suggest you just never take your hat off and you'll be swell! You look sharp baby!! Not a particularly informed response, I know, but if you can dance in that hat there's no need for it to leave your head!
  2. Chad Sanborn

    Chad Sanborn A-List Customer

    Atlanta, Ga
    In all the pictures I have seen, sideburns have been very short to almost non-existant. I like to keep mine a bit longer. So I occasionally get 'Elvis' jokes.
    To which I reply, "so your saying I look like a millionaire singer who could have any woman he wanted?" "Thanks!".

  3. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    Sideburns... this reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons.

    Darryl with

    Darryl without

    The 50's is where the sideburns came back with a vengeance.
  4. The Wolf

    The Wolf Call Me a Cab

    Santa Rosa, Calif
    the right barber

    I was tired of going to Super Cuts so I started looking for a barber. My hair can't be "styled", I just need it short.
    I phone a place and he says they don't take reservations; just come in and "by the way, we don't style". He wasn't rude just laying it down.
    The shop had a red and white striped pole, boxing magazines, combs in blue liquid and two old guys cutting hair. I knew I'd found the right place.
    The down side is the perfect barbers tend to die or retire.

    The way to tell if it's the right barber for us is they have white hair and you can tell them you want a regular haircut. If they think you aren't sure they say "Do you want it blocked or tapered in back?" In my case I said tapered and his response was "Oh, a regular haircut." We had an understanding.

    When the moon comes up, out comes,
    The Wolf
  5. Vladimir Berkov

    Vladimir Berkov One Too Many

    Austin, TX
    The other hallmark of the old-school barber shop is the man who always seems to be hanging around talking to everybody but who doesn't actually cut hair.
  6. The Wingnut

    The Wingnut One Too Many

    I cut my own. Occasionally, when it's grown to the point that it's somewhat unmanageable, I'll go to supercuts and tell them not to touch the top, just use a 1/4" attachment on the sides and blend it. That still gets expensive at $14, but if you only visit once every three months, that not so bad.

    I dropped $35 on a Wahl clipper with all the attachments. I've got an extra mirror, so I uue that to see the back. I'll start very short around the ears and in the back, about a 1/4", and cut about 1 1/2" above the ears. I keep it that high all the way around, and slowly blend it in with progressively larger attachments. There's always a shelf this way, unless you're a magician with a comb and can blend it in properly...which you shouldn't anyway for a proper look. Let the top grow out as long as you want it.

  7. swinggal

    swinggal One Too Many

    Perth, Australia
    The 'conk' haircut began back in the 1920s and was usually a style worn by men of colour. It was when very curly hair was straightened out chemically to resemble a caucasion haircut and was done undergoing a very painful process which 'relaxed' the hair with a solution of lye and other chemicals. You can see Denzel and Spike do this in the movie 'Malcolm X'

    Cab Calloway made the Conk famous but if you look at old photo's of Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Basie Louis Armstong and other black muscians of the era - they all sported 'Conks' at one time or another.

    Thats a great shot Wingnut!
  8. Zach R.

    Zach R. Practically Family

    I've never really shopped for hair oils and the like.

    Can someone recommend a place to get Brilliantine or Royal Crown? Online or otherwise.
  9. You can get Brillantine at your local Safeway. I have no idea where to get the other one. Gee, can you tell which I use? :p

    Regards to all,

  10. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    Savon drugs should cary them both.
  11. Zach R.

    Zach R. Practically Family

    Thanks for the quick replies.

    Too bad Safeway and Savon drugs don't have any stores down here. :p

    So what you are saying is that any well-stocked (few and far between around here) drug store should have them?
  12. I am pretty sure a good number of them would. How about a Long's Drugs? Got one around there? They have a limited selection but you might find it there.

    Regards to all,

  13. Zach R.

    Zach R. Practically Family

    No, not one of those either. :p

    I looked on the Walgreens site and found Tres Flores Brilliantine. This is what I'm looking for isn't it? Tres Flores?
  14. Uh, no. You want American Crew Brillantine. What part of the US are you in?

    Regards to all,

  15. Zach R.

    Zach R. Practically Family

    North Carolina.

    Sorry for all of the questions, I'm new to all of this. :p

    I saw a picture of that container earlier in the thread, is there some sort of formula difference compared to the vintage stuff, is it not a good product, or is it just a personal preference?
  16. Trickeration

    Trickeration Practically Family

    My husband plays upright bass in both swing and rockabilly bands. For a while he was looking for a great vintage cut, but before he found one, he re-upped with the Coast Guard so now he sports a flat top. It works. He gets the cuts done by this barber in San Pedro who's old enough to remember the old styles.

    Anyway, since then we've learned that many of the rockabilly barbers are pretty familiar with vintage hairstyles. So check online, or next time there's a hot rod show in your area with lots of greasers, just ask around. Sometimes there'll even be a shop with a booth at the show.

    Also, has a selection of mens hair products worth checking out, too.
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  17. Wild Root

    Wild Root Gone Home

    Monrovia California.
    Well, when I think of a hair style that really looks 30's, I think Dick Powell!

    I want that look!

  18. ITG

    ITG Call Me a Cab

    Dallas/Fort Worth (TEXAS)
    Do you have a Kroger...? Reason I ask is that Safeway down here in Texas was bought by Winn-Dixie years ago and a few years back Winn Dixies locally closed down and Kroger stores seem to be in the old Winn Dixie locations. Might check Kroger.
  19. Blackgrass

    Blackgrass One of the Regulars

    As far as products go you can find most greases and pomades at your local Wal-Mart. Just look in the ethnic section and you will usually find a vast assortment of products from Murray's, Royal Crown, Daxx Wax and more. I have been slicking my hair for a while and have a couple of tips.

    #1 Use a good hair tonic. I have used Vitalis, Jerris and Lucky Tiger. All three of these have been good but I prefer the Lucky Tiger for the hold.

    #2 There is a product called Groom and Clean. It is usually in the shaving area of the store and it is like a wax or pomade and has a nice shine and hold. The great thing about Groom and Clean is that is can be washed out very easily. In fact you can put it in your hair to help remove a heavier wax/pomade like Murray's. I highly recommend the stuff and it's really cheap so your not out much if you don't like it.

    I have used waxes from:
    Royal Crown
    18 Wheeler
    Robs Crop Shop
    Daxx Wax
    American Crew
    John Freda
    All of them are pretty good. The American Crew washes out easily but it is a little more expensive than the others. For everyday wear I spray my head down with some Lucky Tiger Sur-lay and put in about a half inch squeeze of the Groom and Clean and get a great hold all day.
    Maybe this will help you guys out a bit.
  20. Zach R.

    Zach R. Practically Family

    Thanks for all the info Blackgrass. :cool:

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