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Hemming your own T Shirts?


Practically Family
Just curious if anyone has given this a try. It never really came to my mind before joining the lounge but now I’ve learned by everyone’s great fitting jackets that a shirt sticking out from underneath can kill the look. I know i can tuck them in but sometimes you just want a T-shirt to hang loose.

I’m 5’9” and take a size Large to XL inmost brands and I’m also a deal hunter, meaning I don’t buy expensive T Shirts. I typically look for deals like on Otrium I just picked up like 6 Belstaff plain (no logo T-shirt’s) but they are a little long. These are $80 Shirts on sale for like $25 which is about all I’m willing to pay for a T-shirt because after a few washes they look like crap anyway or I stain them.

So I thought about buying a cheap sewing machine because it’s not worth it to have them altered at the price.

Seems straight forward

This guy makes it look easy and he also makes boxy T-shirt’s taper at the waist and sleeves for that athletic look and he does jeans and pants. Really makes a difference to have well fitting clothes.


London, UK
Interesting notion. The only problem I ever have with t-shirt, or any sort of shirt, length is them being too short to stay in properly when tucked, so shortening them is not something that's ever been on my radar. Worth considering, though, if you do want to go untucked and avoid looking like you've got a textile vallance hanging under a short leather jacket.


Practically Family
Sounds like you have the opposite problem.
Before the lounge I never took much thought into a shirt hanging outside of a jacket, well before I also thought a normal length for a jacket was to cover my backside.
Interesting when you shorten your jacket it makes you look taller. Reminds me of when I was a kid in the 90’s, everyone wore shorts nearly to the ankles lol

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