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    We are getting close. There have been a few minor issues and small changes that needed to be made on the jackets that has taken a bit longer than expected. Sizing has been a bit of a headache, it's not an easy thing to get right being new to this game but we are definitely getting there. We are probably at the point now where there isn't much more i can do to improve the jackets without the input of you the customers.

    The website is another thing that is taking longer than i anticipated but again its taking shape now.

    Overall I'm very happy with the way the jackets are looking, particularly the leather. The grain on the hides is really impressive i think.

    We have also been working on more designs so i hope to be able to add them to the website soon after we go live.

    We should be ready in a couple of weeks. Apologies for the delay but hopefully we will be worth the wait.

    All the best

    Hercules Leather Co
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    Hi all,

    If anyone else is interested in taking advantage of the extra 10% members discount please let me know asap as i can only offer this up until the point of the website going live. i Will supply you with a discount code to use on the website which can be used at anytime in the future.



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