Horsehide Leather Jacket with good zippers

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by obwohl, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Jejupe

    Jejupe Practically Family

    As a business owner and manager I tend to always think of ways to make my products, service and business better by listening to my customers and my employees. Sometimes I forget that there are companies and managers who actually think it’s not worthwhile to do this as ”things are pretty good as it is”. Good luck to them, but I will stick with my approach.

    Of course its subjective matter whether their zips are good or not, but I feel that this thread is proof enough that offering larger zips as an alternative would be an answer to wishes of many of their faithful and potential customers.
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  2. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    It's funny b/c my hookless on the PHWM seems to be one of the easiest so did scare me at first though and in truth I don't zip it all that often, nor have I had a chance to wear it outside my ignore this pointless post LOL
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  3. Guppy

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    Cleveland, OH
    Indeed and amen!
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  4. beckster

    beckster New in Town

    I bought a used jacket on this forum with a marginal zipper. I sourced and my tailor installed a Riri zipper. They are Swiss and tres precis! My tailor was very impressed with the quality and the very used jacket is better than a new one. Great zip and fully broken in! Puzzle though zipper replacement before you abandon an otherwise wonderful jacket. Just my .02
  5. Monitor

    Monitor I'll Lock Up

    I found Aero's Hookless to be sturdier than the #5 Talon. Fussier at first but it's a good quality zipper.

    That said, some Aero jackets, especially the ones from the motorcycle line, would definitely benefit from a larger, heavier zipper. Authenticity aside, you just freaking need a large zipper on a bike jacket. #5 zippers are okay I guess but CXL is too heavy for it. Leaning forward on a bike puts a lot of stress on the zipper and worrying about whether it'll hold is the last thing you need on your mind while on a bike - and I'm sure it will hold, just that I personally couldn't help but worry. Not to mention you really don't need all the fuss with taking off the gloves just so you could zip your jacket up. Leather straps help only so much. Aero's J106 is actually a brilliant bike jacket but zipping it up is a needless chore.
  6. Harris HTM

    Harris HTM Practically Family

    the Netherlands
    I also cross my fingers every time I zip my (heavy as steel) shearling lined cxl LHB. Never had an issue with my 2 other zipped aero's though (cxl and vicenza)
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  7. El Marro

    El Marro One Too Many

    Not so comical when it happened to me, I was a bit pissed off to be honest. Like Jejupe, I have not ordered another Aero jacket with a zipper since that time. I purchased a used Highwayman on eBay made from a lighter weight natural horsehide and that zipper is working just fine.
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  8. obwohl

    obwohl New in Town

    Thank you so much for all the replies. My first solution was getting it fixed from my local taylor. Will see the result today.
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  9. Carlos840

    Carlos840 Call Me a Cab

    Man, you live dangerously! I wouldn't trust a "local taylor" with a leather jacket, seen too many horrors...
    Fingers crossed its not a hack job! Let us know how it went.
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  10. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    At the very least you need to ask them if they have experience working with thicker, non-fashion leather and can they use the original stitch holes (a good tailor will do this).
  11. Bennarion

    Bennarion One Too Many

    Planet Earth
    Aero Half Belt CXFQHH

    Jackets 29 years old zipper works fine

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  12. Peter Bowden

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    united kingdom
    Just curious-The insert part looks to be all metal which must help with the zips longevity.The Hookless is all metal at that point but is riveted.
  13. Dbrn

    Dbrn Familiar Face

    Call it fate, but this happened to my 3-month old Hooch Hauler this week as I read through this thread:

    Pretty frustrating given that, due to warm weather, I've only been able to wear it occasionally until recently - so, very little wear & tear here. I will say that the zipper is by far the least impressive part of an otherwise exciting jacket. It's finicky, can't be done up while walking or just by touch, and feels flimsy. So, everything everyone has said so far.

    Carrie from Thurston Bros is already working to figure out how they'll handle the repair for me, which is continued excellent customer service that I truly appreciate. But this is definitely subpar for what should be (and costs enough to be) a premium jacket.
  14. regius

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    New York
    When I was customers ordering my Elvis, I sent them an original paper clip brass 10, Ken refused to use it as it s not authentic...

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  15. Space_cowboy

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    I had mine replaced with a very large, very heavy YKK in brass. My only complaint for the next 15 years was the wind leakage at the zipper on the bike.

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